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Title: [New release] Pak128.Britain-Ex 0.9.1
Post by: jamespetts on January 26, 2014, 12:40:15 AM
A new version of Pak128.Britain-Ex is available to-day: 0.9.0. Download the pakset here (, or alternatively, get a complete package with Pak128.Britain-Ex 0.9.0 and the latest Simutrans-Experimental (Windows only) here (

This is a version of Pak128.Britain adapted to work with Simutrans-Experimental. It does not work with Simutrans-Standard. See here ( for more information on the Standard Pak128.Britain. Note that this pakset is only compatible with Simutrans-Experimental 11.0 and later. I had originally planned to delay this release until after the re-scaling of some rail vehicles, but, owing to the extensive discussion ( in connexion with the scale of Pak128.Britain, I thought it best to release this version now, as the rescaling work might be more significant than I had first imagined (and it is not yet clear what rescaling will be necessary).

This version, 0.9.1, is a release which makes incremental progress over the previous version, 0.9.0, featuring a number of new graphics, some recalibration and numerous bug fixes. It is expected to be the last pakset release before the release of the next major version of Simutrans-Experimental, which is likely to feature the double heights code from Standard and will thus at that juncture need a new pakset release which supports the double heights code.

The pakset is still somewhat work in progress (especially as regards cost balancing), but is playable. At the time of writing, this is the pakset that has the fullest support for Simutrans-Experimental features.

Contributions of artwork, research, etc. are always very welcome: see here ( for more information on contributing graphics to Pak128.Britain (including Pak128.Britain-Ex).

A full list of changes follows.

Changes from 0.9.0
The following features are supported by this release of Pak128.Britain-Ex:
Any feedback on this pakset variant (especially relating to the gameplay balance) would be very much welcome. This topic is locked, as it is intended to serve as an announcement: please post bug reports and feedback/suggestions in separate threads, one for each bug/topic. Thanks to all those who have helped to test Pak128.Britain-Ex so far - happy playing!