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Title: r7038 - SDL windows - Simutrans responds to clicks outside its window
Post by: Ters on January 26, 2014, 11:25:28 AM
I was running Simutrans on the left secondary monitor, and Simutrans currently had the input focus. I then clicked on a link in the browser on my right primary monitor, and Simutrans responded to that click. Fortunately, the query tool was active, so all it did was pop up an informaton window for what might have been the last tile Simutrans remembered the mouse being over. Imagine this being a more harmful tool, like the removal tool. I could have removed an important way tile, sending vehicles on a very roundabout route, messing up lots of things.

Shortly before, I had moved Simutrans from my bigger primary monitor to my smaller secondary using Win+Left while it was maximized. This may or may not have confused Simutrans/SDL.