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Title: Pak-Making: Horses.
Post by: AvG on April 22, 2014, 05:35:44 PM

Horses in Simutrans
Price and maintenance.
It wood be a good thing for Simutrans when prices and maintenance for vehicles,
buildings, etc are realistic in all eras and no cause of constant discussions.
Having a background for this will probably be  helpfull and add to realism.
At present I have only one reference: 1906 horse-maintenance 9.125 d/carmile
and an average price of £ 30,-.

Via google I also see that having a horse will cost yearly $ 3000,-
or $ 250,- per month.
However, I think this is for a light hobby-horse, wich is eating a lot less

than a heavy working horse.

Another way is trying to calculate like:
Monthly cost in $ for: (2010)
Food      300      
water       10
shoes       35
vet        5
grooming    40
stable maint    40
Total per month $ 430

A draft horse may work 4 hours/day (google)
Speed of a horse (trott) 14 km/hour can be maintained for hours.
Due to stops and traffic hindrance average speed is 60 % of trott-speed.

Simutrans is 24 hour-economy so you need 6 horses per car.(towed-vehicle)
A horse does per month: 30*4*14*0,6 km = 1008 km.
Cost per km: 430/1008 = 0,43 $/km in year 2010.
Since there are 6 horses needed per car: 6*0,43 = 2,58 $/car-km
Now you can see the reason why horses are replaced in transport.
They are simply to expensive.

How does this compare to the reference of 104 years ago?

For feasability reasons I use a simplified system for inflation.
I assume that inflation from 1750 till present is a lineair matter.
Inflation level 3%/year.
Assume income for labor in 1750 is 0,01 $/hour or $ 20 per year.
Inflation-correction gives for 2010: 20*1,03^260= $ 43522/year.
I think that is sufficient within acceptable borders.
In my Simutrans-math I simply replace $ by BCr.

If I calculate in the same way the value of $ 2.58 backwards to 1906:
Value in 1906 is: 2.58*0,97^104 = 0.109 $/ car-km

I need a conversion from £ to $
IMHO the value of the £ has been till ¬ 1960 quite steady compared to the $
From 1791 to 1960 it was allways around 1 £ = 4.5 $ (roughly)
At present it is £ 1 = 1 to 1.50 $

The reference in 1906 was 9.125d = 9.125/240*4.5 =0.17 $/car-mile or 0,106 $/km
In 1830 it would be: 2.58*0.97^280= 0.010728
In 1750 it would be: 2.58*0.97^260= 0.000936
From 1750 till 1830 is is rounded up 0.01 HCr

Horse price.
At present (2010) you buy a horse in the USA for $ 700,-
Same math as above gives in 1906: 700*.97^104 = $ 29.47

Horse-price=700*0.97^(2010-wanted year) HCr

Horses-maintenance: 2.58*0.97^(2010-wanted year) HCr/km (running-cost)

Please comment

Edit: As long as there is no inflation correction in EXP.exe you will have to distinguish horses for eras.
In DRC every 25 years, starting in 1750, a new "type" of horse is available.
Title: Re: Pak-Making: Horses.
Post by: jamespetts on April 23, 2014, 07:50:32 AM
This is very interesting - have a look at the posts on trams and tram horses in the "Snippet of relative pricing information" thread in the Pak128.Britain-Ex subforum for a comparison with 19th century figures.

As to inflation correction, that is planned for the future.
Title: Re: Pak-Making: Horses.
Post by: prissi on April 23, 2014, 12:32:36 PM
There is inflation, as the value of vehicle get less and less. But more serious inflation with horses: They won't last much long than optimistic 15 year at that performance ...
Title: Re: Pak-Making: Horses.
Post by: jamespetts on April 23, 2014, 05:16:29 PM
The plan is in Experimental to introduce a periodic overhaul cost; in the case of horses, this will represent the cost of having to replace them with new horses.
Title: Re: Pak-Making: Horses.
Post by: AvG on April 24, 2014, 09:49:54 AM
The snippet-entries are combined in my calculations.
The results of the calculations are within 10% of KNOWN prices and all years.
Until 1830 I had to round up to 0,01 HCrc, being the smallest value available.

You are right when you mention the 15 years for horse-lifetime.
However, since the maintenance-cost per km are equal to the cost-info I have from the past, I assume that the lower life-time is included.
I even saw an indication of replacement after 7 years.
Title: Re: Pak-Making: Horses.
Post by: greenling on May 10, 2014, 11:54:19 AM
Hello All
Can Those idea how avg have make with Rail and roadvehicles too?