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Title: SMSC Poll: April - Crossing The City
Post by: An_dz on April 29, 2014, 04:35:34 AM
Welcome to the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest (SMSC) Poll

This month's topic is Crossing The City. Please vote for your favorite picture. You can only select one. The survey will be available until 30th. The winner will get fame and glory at the Simutrans Community.

Screens Info
Crossing the city by train - by SilverHorse (pak128 + addons)
Winter Morning - by Sarlock (pak128 + pak128.Britain + addons)
Scenic bypass - by vorlon (pak128 + addons)
Shinkansen Terminus - by prissi (pak64.Japan)
Belwell Bleeching Cross - by Junna (pak128.Britain)
Basingstoke: a good example - by hitardo (pak128.Britain + addons)
Fly Past - by Spacethingy (pak64)
Swiss Alps - by benste (pak128)

I gave names for unnamed pictures. I cropped benste's picture to remove the OS stuff.

Are we allowed editing? If so, I'll use this one instead:
Yes, editing is allowed as long as what's shown in the picture can be made by the game. So editing colours, constrast, add/remove objects, join images and "create not so visible impossibilities" are allowed. I judge if it can enter or not. You are notified if your screen is not allowed before the poll starts.