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Title: Random Thoughts
Post by: Asdfe on March 04, 2015, 05:19:40 PM
Hello everybody, I been playing this pakset for awhile, so I thought I would share my opinions on it.

1. Overall, I noticed that this pak is very different from the other comic pak (96), which somewhat surprised me, as the share a similar style.

2. I noticed that this seems to be a rather challenging pak, which makes for a nice game. I found myself using some tactics that I don't usually have to use. Ex. Having freight trains pick up goods on the return trip. One game I had trains carrying toys to a mall and then picking up juices and berries to drop off at a store near the toy factory.

3. A very good-looking pakset. Good at all levels of zoom, which you can do a lot in this pakset.

4. This pakset seems more inclined to later dates. I like playing around 1995, although much before 1951 and the industries seem to look out of place and are few in type. Ex. garage doors on 1920's flour mills. Still, the earlier years are probably fine for passenger games.

5. This pakset has a nice amount of building diversity, especially with skyscrapers. However, I kind of hoped that the HQ would be a little bit more impressive looking, but honestly, HQ's aren't really that large of a part for the game, and the current ones look fine.

6. I noticed that there are a couple unused cargos. A lot, actually. Gravel, logs, suspects, vines, cars, it all looks very interesting. Are these going to get included at some point?

7. I also noticed a few things about steel. I can't seem to make it profitable to transport. The trick I said earlier doesn't really work, as there isn't a lot of steel to move around. Not only that, there isn't a modern day truck to move it, but I'm sure that one will eventually be added, although I'm not sure it would be profitable. The chains with steel are overall profitable, but just not this link. Am I doing something wrong?

8. Vehicles seem to be the main cost in this pakset. Running costs and vehicle purchases eat up a lot of cash, especially with the rather low starting cash. Usually I give myself a little extra cash to start with, so that doesn't matter too much to me.

So, overall, I really like this pakset. In fact, I might go as far as to say that this is my favorite pakset, at the very least for its stunning graphics. ;D
Title: Re: Random Thoughts
Post by: Leartin on March 04, 2015, 06:43:21 PM
Asdfe unlocked a new achievement: "Make a pakset developer happy"

Not all of these are questions, but I'll comment on everything anyway :D

1.) That's because as of now, the paks are completely independent from each other. Different developers lead to different ideas on how something should be, and I think even the style differs more and more, while it was actually the very same in the beginning.

2.) You can thank Flemmbrav and Fietin for that, they figured out most of the new costs system. Since there are constantly network games with a developer version going on, it's possible to do adjustments even for other peoples playstyle.

3.) We put a lot of effort in it ;)

4.) There are simply not enough graphics, especially for factories, since most of them are in need for an overhaul anyway. Furthermore, there is no real plan, just general ideas, and everyone just creates whatever he likes. Simply put, with enough time, I'm sure there will be nice graphics fitting for the respective times, but with pixel graphics, every pixel is set manually - a lot of them for sure.

5.) The current headquarter is a placeholder, it's actually a "normal" building where we changed the colors to player color and played around with the number of floors via copy&paste. I plan to do a prober series of headquarters, where each looks as if the last was extended with a new wing or tower. I already did something similar with town halls, but they are not in the public release yet.

6.) Some of them are just general ideas, loosely based off chains in other paksets. The chain using suspects is already finished (though there are not enough vehicles yet) - it's an isolated chain where you transport suspects from the police station to court, and convicts from there to a jail, using police cars. The logs will definitely be used to produce paper, which can be turned in both comics and paper money. But these are long chains which means every factory needs to be ready before we can start to test them and find a nice balance. There are some buildings already finished, but can't exist without the other members of the chains.

7.) No, you don't, it's an oversight.

8.) There is nothing wrong with a bit of extra money. While we try to offer releases which are playable and don't leave to many loose ends, they are still not full releases. More like "Early Alpha" measured against the content we actually want to offer.
Title: Re: Random Thoughts
Post by: Flemmbrav on March 04, 2015, 08:10:34 PM
thank's a lot for this big kompliment!

maybe leartin said most things, i just have some few additions:

2.) There are a few things Cruzer did for our new pricing too.

7.) As the new pricing is quite yung i just made balancing tests with passenger vehicles, and some goods, but not with all of them.
The result is what you have with steel... - i made a "bugfix" for that at the day of release, but i guess i forgot to share it here...
the .zip includes goods with about 30 to 40% increased values, with that the game might be to easy, so just use them for the goods you can't handle.

8.) The balance- and pricing is still in progress, i'll promise much improvements in that for the next version, incuding new waycosts and some other things, but i don't want to say to much, there have to be a surprise effect too...
Title: Re: Random Thoughts
Post by: Asdfe on March 05, 2015, 03:29:16 PM
Nice to get some quick responses! I figured a lot of this had to do with the pak being in its early days. I hadn't actually looked for a bug fix Flemmbrav, so there is a good chance that you did put it up somewhere. Anyway, being as young as a pak that it is, I think it's great, and has a lot of potential. Also, I remembered one thing I had forgot so...

9. I like the cargo containers changing color depending on what they are holding. Sometimes I have trains carrying multiple types of goods at once, and this gives them a nice varied look. Also, it makes it so for many trains that you can tell at a glance what they are carrying. Nice!    :)