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Title: Error on startup
Post by: gabars on July 15, 2015, 09:09:26 PM
Hi, I finally managed to compile Simutrans experimental on linux mint, and I can't use pak.64-experimental. I get an in-game popup that says
"FATAL_ERROR: convoi_t::convoi_t() - Can't load vehicle type 8
Aborting program execution..."

It's not always 8, I think I've seen some below 0 too, it disappears quickly so I had to take a screenshot.

I used version 0.4 of pak64-experimental ( post is from 2012, is it really the latest version? and I compiled with gcc 4.8.4, mixer_sdl (also tried sdl and allegro) and no threads. I think the bug has to do with the pak though because pak.128 Britain experimental works.

Feel free to ask for more details, and help would be appreciated trying to get this to work.
Cheers! ;)
Title: Re: Error on startup
Post by: jamespetts on July 22, 2015, 09:41:51 AM
Where did you compile from? This pakset is not maintained any longer so far as I am aware, which is why it seems out of date.