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Title: Converting "Passagiere" into certain types of goods?
Post by: ASV62 on January 13, 2016, 05:12:46 AM
Just gone through a Japanese maker's page, I found something very intersting. (

The LCPS (Limited and Commuter passenger set) mod, which generates several types of GOODS (Commuters / Visitors / Students etc.)

Transport those GOODS by LCPS-converted mods. Those GOODS are produced by something called "TicketCounter" / "TicketGates" (I'd call them the LCPS-Hubs).

Then we'll have different kind of passengers in the transport system, and the most important thing is, EXPRESS trains now can focus on carrying the most profitable passengers in the fastest way, not a pivot train to disrupt the major passenger flow.

but one important thing, can we transform "Passagiere" into goods in some ways? eg. transporting "Passagiere" to LCPS-hubs to increase the rate of production.
Title: Re: Converting "Passagiere" into certain types of goods?
Post by: Leartin on January 13, 2016, 06:59:01 AM
Yes. You can increase production of a factory based on the number of passengers, post and electricity they get. See this thread:

I am not sure how high you can set the passenger boost. But if you have an demand of X pax at that factory, a boost of X*1000, and a base production of one good-pax, each passenger you deliver to that factory should result in one good-passenger being produced. Thus the max production would be X+1 per month.
Did not test this approach, so might be wrong, but should be the right direction to go.