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Title: Train - Renfe HST 100 - player colour
Post by: Fetz123 on October 01, 2016, 12:06:50 PM
Hi folks.

This is one of my first attempts to rework a train. It's originally made by Zeno in 2009.
I've fixed some pixel mistakes, added  shadows, changed the wheels and repainted it in Player colour.
I also wrote the .dat and added a fictional post-waggon.
(Got the permission from Zeno to share it with you)

Train Specs:

Name: Renfe HST 100 aka AVE class 100
Release Year: (late) 1991
Speed: 300 km/h
Weight ~400 tons
Capacity: ~320-370 Passengers
Line(s) served: Seville - Madrid   /and\  Madrid - Marseille


Train info(wiki):
Train info2 (ger):

Please Report any Bugs or mistakes i made, to me. (i will change it and upload it again)

Feel free to share.
Have a nice Day. Greetings Fetz123.