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Title: pak128 vehicle length guidelines
Post by: Freahk on December 12, 2016, 01:50:15 PM
Hey there,
I found that post where VS mentioned that the default length of a vehicle should be 8 but if a vehicle is longer or smaller, we can also take different lengths.
Currently most of the pak128 trains use a length of 8, representing lengths between 16 and 26 meters in reality. There are also a few vehicles that use different lengths, for example the JR 700 uses a length of 10 to represent 27 meters in reality.
That given, I guess currently in pak128, a train length of 8 should be something round about 20 to 22 m in reality.
I couldn't find anything about such a scaling in the forums, just the post of VS that mentioned that the "default" length should be 8 but I don't know what a default-length vehicle is in meters.

I think we should define a guideline for vehicle lengths that is not just about default-lengths but also takes care of vehicle length in relation to each other, so that different add-ons don't look too stupid if you compare these directly and also vehicles that are pretty long in reality won't look compressed ingame.

I'd suppose to define 1 length as 2,5 meters, so we have 20m for a length of 8, which is round about the length of a TGV car, a german BR 103 or a ICE1/2 Power Head (which are defined with a length of 8 in pak128)
It would also nearly match the pak128 JR700 length.

If we don't define any other scaling for pak128, I will use this scaling for all of my new add-ons and will maybe later start modifying my already finished add-ons and maybe even later other pak128 vehicles to match this scaling.
I think using a length of 8 for all vehicles looks boring and sometimes even pretty strange.