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Title: How to get more passenger on the bus?
Post by: nanth_abc on May 01, 2018, 02:04:25 PM
I have a bus which go to many bus stops. But I got only few passenger (1-3 passengers). How should I do to get more passengers?
Title: Re: How to get more passenger on the bus?
Post by: DrSuperGood on May 01, 2018, 02:07:22 PM
Cover more houses with bus stops connected to that bus stop either directly or by transfer (up to maximum number of transfers). Until then you can lower the service period so each bus runs closer to capacity.
Title: Re: How to get more passenger on the bus?
Post by: Ters on May 01, 2018, 08:20:33 PM
To elaborate: All potential passengers have a desired destination. If they can't get to where they want to go, they will not appear. That is why any particular bus will get more passengers on it the more of the map you cover with stops, as long as that bus helps them get to those other stops. Basically, if one bus line generates 10 passengers, two separate bus lines (covering a similar population) will generate 20 (10 each), but two connected bus lines might generate 40 (20 each, of which half transfers to the other line at a stop they both share). There is some random variation and other stuff, so it will not be that exact, but that is the basic principle.
Title: Re: How to get more passenger on the bus?
Post by: MobileRod on May 21, 2018, 12:55:00 AM
Beside the interesting hints already given...
- Cover the most of the town you can. Try not to place the stops so close from one another (default is each stop attends two blocks away in any direction). When a certain stop is supposed to receive much public, make sure it can hold such capacity: use the adequate type of stop and double it (by putting two stops together, which will result in a bigger single stop) when necessary.
- Link your lines at specific stops. The more integrated your lines are, the more passengers will take your buses. For control, I usually have each line stop at one specific stop to integrate services. Make use of public stops to integrate your service with others. You can create them, use the ones already provided or join your own stops to an existing public stop, but be sure to place them in positions you'll not regret later - most online servers do not have an active "Public Service".
- Set a percentage of seats that must be occupied before the bus leaves the stop. This helps regulate the line fleet and makes the line profitable, since no empty busses will leave that stop. But be careful: you must not do it at stops and roads that other lines (your or not) will pass, otherwise it will create massive jams and the game will run into collapse. You can also set a time in which the bus will try to reach a certain number of passengers: if the number is not reached at a certain time, it will depart anyway; if it is, it departs right after. Again, use it wisely.
- Try not to serve several stops with a single line. The more stops, the wiser and more careful your planning has to be. Any mistake may lead both to busses carrying few passengers or crowded stops in which busses pass beyond capacity. If possible, make the most two-stop lines possible: first stop is for loading, the other is a hub where other lines (yours or not) are integrated.
- In online games, don't care about serving all towns. Occupy some towns (enough for you to "feel" your area, not more) and integrate your services with existing and newcoming ones.
- Crowded stops are not good. They may accept people from coming busses, but will not generate new passengers while crowded. Try to keep them always under capacity (green).
- Special hint: whenever possible, try making final stops at double stops in dead-end streets or near them, making the bus stop first at the farther end of the stop and them wait for loading at the nearest end. This allows you to put tens of busses waiting in between this stop. Very useful in a line with a lot of cars and massive demand.