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Title: Head railway station extension building
Post by: Václav on January 09, 2020, 07:34:42 AM
I don't know exact situation around railway station extension buildings, but I am ready to offer export of currently developed one into size of pak192.comic.

I know that transfer frpom pak96.comic to pak192.comic is not easy, if it is possible. But I hope that it would be possible in any way. And may be that it could look better, than in original pakset.

In attachment you can see it, almost finished.

Next changes will be:
- parking garage will lost unwanted borderlines
- parking garage will get shading
- parking garage will get better connection to department store (probably as standalone extension)
- department store will be decorated
- post (corner building with entrances for cars) will be decorated
- administrative quarter (corner building to the right of open waiting hall) will be decorated
- open waiting hall will get texture also on floor of the upper board

Platforms will be changed too, however later.