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Title: [BUG] one_one_train_staff reserves too few tiles in some cases
Post by: Sirius on January 19, 2020, 03:11:09 PM
This is roughly the same as for token block.

What happened?
When a train creates a reservation for a one train staff controlled sections, it will sometimes not reservate the whole track to the exiting cabinet.

See the attached reproduction case and watch the train moving.

- The train will move towards the cabinet and stop properly.
- The train will start a reservation up to the dead-end but does not seem to continue the reservation after the reversal.

Note that this can only be observed when stopping at "land stop 3". Either removing the stop or the station will fix this.

Also see this bug:
This will not cause any issues on its own but could be used for some exploitations.
Also see one_train_staff clearing too many tiles (,19498.0.html), where I have reproduced a deadlocking case in which this bus is involved with two further ones.