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Title: Bug in groundobj/tree edit and factory sorting
Post by: Leartin on January 12, 2021, 11:10:07 AM
(Figured a new thread is more visible, also for people who test the nightly)

- Factories don't sort for introduction/retirement. Someone though it was a good idea to use "=" as a comparator...
- Trees and groundobject graphics are missing. Those are added to the scrolly component in their respective dialog files. I suppose since scrolly ends with a gui_fill_t element , the graphics are "pushed out". Anyway, deleting those elements fixes this and doesn't seem to destroy anything. (It only changes the building image alignment back to bottom - which looks better anyway)
- A bit unrelated: I remembered that there is a dialog when you control-click on an extension building with rotations. Given the rotations are visible anyway, I changed the button text to the same strings used in the edit dialogs for consistency. Also, that dialog contains a string "Width = %d, Height = %d", which I couldn't find in the translator.
Title: Re: Bug in groundobj/tree edit and factory sorting
Post by: prissi on January 12, 2021, 12:53:19 PM
In case of station rotation (since it is not editing) I am in favour to keep the existing strings since the casual player does not need to know the internals. Although in the moment we have nord, sued, ... North, South, ... and

The image I fixed another way, because without the gui_fill_t, the scrollbar will not go away in my trials. So I just remove and add everything, but this time with a normal image object.

Thank you for finding reporting these and fixing.