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Title: Display setting refinements
Post by: Sirius on September 15, 2021, 11:26:42 AM
See this PR (, which is surely open to discussion.
This branch builds upon the latest changes of Ranran's appreciated detach-ped-info branch
On top of the changes made there, it adds the following:

split the pedes_and_car_info simuconf attribute into pedestrian_info and privatecar_info
split the show_names simuconf attribute into how_station_names, show_station_statistics and station_label_style
adjust simuconf, so all settings from the display settings UI are commented out in simuconf and reside in their own category.
removed display setting UI settings from advanced settings UI
These changes aim so solve multiple minor issues:

More consistency in between the ingame UI and simuconf.
pedes_and_car_info as well as show_names have been split in the display settings UI whilst being combined attributes in simuconf.
Setting any attribute from the display settings UI in simuconf will enforce the simuconf value after each (re)start of the game, overriding user preferences set in the UI.
There has been redundancy in between the advanced settings UI and the display settings UI. It was agreed that such settings should only exist in the dislpay settings UI, so these were removed from the advanced settings UI.
Title: Re: Display setting refinements
Post by: jamespetts on September 15, 2021, 11:21:59 PM
Excellent, thank you: now incorporated.