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Title: [Guidelines] How to post a Tutorial
Post by: IgorEliezer on May 16, 2009, 09:47:01 PM
For a while, we don't have a finished guideline to post a Tutorial here. Then, I'm quoting a forum announcement about this board:

This board has the following goals:

- Tutorial creation: any member can post a new tutorial about a procedure of Simutrans gameplay and development, examples: "How to build an undersea tunnel", "How to build an elevated highway", "How to create an add-on for new factories", etc. Also, good solved help request can be converted into tutorial on request.

- Tutorial development: once a tutorial is posted, members will discuss and post suggestions to improve the tutorial. The tutorial's author will edit their tutorial to better fit member's feedback.

- Tutorial repository: tutorials will go being posted and stored; other members will find them to learn about Simutrans gameplay and development. If the tutorials are really good, didactic and coherent, they will be included in Simutrans Wiki, e-books, Simutrans sites and other ways we use to public tutorials and manuals.

I hope you get involved.  :)