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Title: Custom Design Vehicle
Post by: stevenlim84 on August 11, 2009, 01:20:59 AM
I would like to request for custom design vehicle extension.

The idea of this extension is as follow:

Players in simutrans can adjust the value of power and capacity of a standard vehicle. For example, a standard container ship cost the player 20,000 having power of 1000KW and 200 crates capacity. The player can request for same design of this ship but have double power and capacity. This would cost doubled cost for the player since this would have same setting as two ships. This designed vehicle can only be used in that particular savegame only and the player may need to pay for model development fee once it is desgined(suggest to be 50%-100% of the designed vehicle cost). This would better suit for different map needs.

The cost of the designed vehicles is depends on the power and the capacity changed. If both of them is doubled, the cost will be doubled. If only either one is doubled, the cost should be 50% more than the standard cost. The model development fee should be charge once for each design. If the design is confirmed, the second vehicle using this design will not need to pay for the development fee. This kind of custom design vehicle should be savegame and player dependent.

I hope this extension will be accepted
Title: Re: Custom Design Vehicle
Post by: gerw on August 11, 2009, 06:32:03 AM
This request is unrealistic. First, you can't just double the load or the power of a vehicle and second, the design costs of a vehicle are very higher than 100% of the vehicle cost (maybe ~10.000 x vehicle cost - and I think, you won't pay that).