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Title: TileCutter Alpha Release
Post by: Ashley on February 01, 2010, 11:02:57 AM
There is a newer release of TileCutter available, see:

This is an alpha release of the new TileCutter.

Please note that this version is still under development, and there may be some major bugs. If you do encounter any issues using it please submit a bug report by posting in reply to this thread with the following information:

1. Circumstances and description of the issue
2. tilecutter.log and TileCutter5.exe.log (if present)


FIX: Window resizing not working below default size

Changes 0.5.3:

FIX: Export error with Python character mapping
FIX: Translation of strings in image path entry box
FIX: Layout of About window incorrect
FIX: Default language setting not being saved

ADD: Filepath of saved file displayed in the title bar, indicates saved/unsaved status
ADD: Exception handling for case of no WX being installed
ADD: Better integration with SimuTranslator
ADD: Translations from SimuTranslator, currently only German and Spanish are translated

DEL: Removed flags for country code - not a good way to indicate language

Known Bugs
- Last save directory not stored

What's new
Source distribution via public SVN
Source distribution in build script
Completely re-written cutting engine, no longer sucks (I hope!)
New and improved UI
Makeobj integration and one-click export
Ability to save + load project files
Better translation system and (hopefully) integration with SimuTranslator

What's still to do
Specific platform source distribution via .zip/.tar.gz file
Lots of testing
Full dat file editor
Smoke editor
Online documentation
Mac distribution
Windows msi installer

All the paths in the main window are relative to the project save location path. This is intended to allow you to put all your work files in one directory, and then to be able to move or zip that directory and send it to someone else while preserving all the links to the images. Also note that the images are not saved with the project file, only links to them are (this may change at some point).

It's also worth pointing out that in order for the one click exporting to work (e.g. makeobj integration) you need to have filled out the correct details in the dat editing window. Currently this is just a text entry box, but this will change in future to a proper dat editing UI. The image array information is automatically generated and appended to whatever you type into this box.

You can download this alpha release of TileCutter from the following link: ( (5.4 MB)

You can also download a source distribution: ( (232 KB)

NOTE: The source distribution requires that you have Python 2.6 ( or better installed already, and depends upon the wxWidgets ( library.

And you can check out the source for this release from the SVN, using this URL:


And the current latest version from this one:


While this version of TileCutter is listed as an alpha release, it is in all likelihood more stable and likely to work than the previous (0.3d.1) version. I recommend using this version over the 0.3 releases.
Title: Re: TileCutter 0.5.3 Alpha Release
Post by: z9999+ on February 01, 2010, 11:54:15 AM
I can't change window size in this version. (Windows XP sp3)
This problem didn't happen in 0.5.2-alpha.
Title: Re: TileCutter 0.5.3 Alpha Release
Post by: Ashley on February 01, 2010, 12:50:10 PM
I can't change window size in this version. (Windows XP sp3)
This problem didn't happen in 0.5.2-alpha.

Simple fix, had changed the wrong variable. Should be fixed, please try new version.
Title: Re: TileCutter Alpha Release
Post by: z9999+ on February 01, 2010, 02:41:00 PM
Thank you, now I can resize window.
But when I start application, it always open with full size and a part of window is out of screen. (My screen is only 1024x768)
So every time, I must move window and resize it.

And 'about' window also will open out of screen.
This also need to drag to click close button.
Title: Re: TileCutter Alpha Release
Post by: Ashley on February 01, 2010, 02:44:49 PM
Ok, I'll have to work on that to do a bit better detection of screen sizes. For now, you can edit the tc.config file, and set the "window_size" variable to different dimensions. This will make the program start up with a smaller window.
Title: Re: TileCutter Alpha Release
Post by: undrline on February 04, 2010, 10:47:10 PM
Hi.  While I realize that this tool was meant to work with Simutrans and appears to be geared towards axonometrically projected pixel art, it would be immensely helpful if custom sizes (width and height separately) could be used, rather than the default paksizes.  That would enable me (and, I'm sure, many others) to cut apart evenly-spaced sprite sheets into multiple files quickly.

In particular, for my purposes right now, I'm trying to recreate emoticons like this one ( as animated gifs.  Trying to cut out 90 separate images that are all 14x14, and save them as separate files, to be joined together again as separate frames is quite time consuming ... and a tool like yours could go a long way to automating that task.  I've been searching and, so far, yours is the closest piece of software I've been able to find to being able to do such a thing.

Would it be possible to have the option for custom sizes added?
Title: Re: TileCutter Alpha Release
Post by: Ashley on February 09, 2010, 06:09:51 PM
Hi undrline,

TileCutter is really intended to be a tool for working with Simutrans images. The kind of tool you're describing would likely be fairly easy to create. Could you send me a more detailed list of requirements via PM, or here, so I can think about how best to go about writing such a program? If all you want is a method to automate cutting a png into smaller bits, this could probably be done with a script fairly easily...