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Title: Welcome to the forum! Please read this topic before you post...
Post by: IgorEliezer on February 20, 2010, 09:52:19 PM
Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to The International Simutrans Forum! We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay here, and we do hope you will become a member of the community. :D

Below are some few links that may help you get started with the community:

 :arrow: The International Simutrans Forum Rules and Guidelines (

 :arrow: Introduce yourself to the community and know how our forum works (

 :arrow: Forum Search Tool (

 :arrow: Where to Upload Attachments and Images (

 :arrow: Help page - Wiki, manuals and support (

 :arrow: Simutrans Sites - know our sites, tools and find interesting stuff (

 :arrow: The Simutrans Blog - news about Simutrans World and more... (

 :arrow: Our social media - Facebook, G+, Twitter and Reddit (

 :arrow: Simutrans Chat - where cool people of Simutrans meet up (