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Title: Help transporting Passenger
Post by: CargoExpert on November 20, 2010, 05:33:07 AM
Can anyone show me how to transport passenger cities to cities ?
cause im always get so many passengers in my buses/trains. thanks  :)
Title: Re: Help transporting Passenger
Post by: Václav on December 12, 2010, 09:14:28 PM
You need to build city mass transit web at first - to move passengers to one place in city - for example with using buses/trolleybuses. Then you will have sufficient number of passengers in one place - and trains should be full after few trips. The bigger city, the sooner.

This screenshot
is from youth age of my currently played game.

There can be seen few needed features
- railway station with eight platforms
- one extension building for uniting railway platforms with bus/trolleybus platform into one station - may be useless if railway platforms are along road - as are railway tracks close to road in right top corner of picture
- bus/trolleybus platform (partly hidden behind extension building)
- trolleybus electrification (needed only if wish to have trolleybuses in service)

This is base of stations from where you can transport passengers by trains to other cities. And one small tip - build web of train passenger lines where only few cities will be connected directly.