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Title: Simutrans Resources Index
Post by: IgorEliezer on October 20, 2008, 03:38:32 AM
Simutrans Resources

Here you will find resources that may help you to develop new add-ons or to add new features to Simutrans.


Graphic archive
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Our graphic library. Templates, pieces and palettes for development of new graphics for add-ons.

Maps Simutrans
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Map repository. You can download maps you can add to Simutrans.

Music and sounds
 :arrow: Sound board in Forum Archive (
An old Sound board in Forum Archive.

Menu skins
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Customize appearance of your Simutrans.

SVN pakset sources repository
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Contains the sources of the current open paksets over Artistic License (pak64, pakttd and pak128.Britain)

Addon references
 :arrow: ( (Wiki on addons in EN, DE, CZ, PT, IT, SV)
 :arrow: ( most uptodate reference (but japanese)
 :arrow: ( reference in CZ