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Title: Simutrans 110.0
Post by: prissi on February 14, 2011, 11:43:51 PM
This is the first version incorporating multiplayer and tons of bugfixes/improvements. Due to network mode we had to have this long break. The next releases will come more frequently.

MS Windows user should use the
Online-Installer ( (Note: If you are on Windows Vista or 7, you will probably need to right-click the downloaded file you save from the above link and choose "Run as administrator". If the installer appears to work, but no "C:\Program Files\Simutrans" folder is made, this is why: run as administrator)

If you want to download manually, you will need an executable and a pak-set.

Windows native ( (new) (you may need unicows.dll ( for Win9x)
Window with SDL ( (new)
Linux with SDL and SDL_mixer ( (new)
Haiku with SDL ( (new)
Mac OSX/Intel with SDL ( (new)
Mac OSX/PowerPC with SDL ( (new)

pak64 Basics ( (new)
64pak food chain ( (new)

pak64 german full ( (new)

pak64 HAJO for 102.2.2 ( (new)

pak64 japan (beta) ( (new)

pak64 contrast ( (new)

pak96.comic (

pak96.HD (0.4) ( (new)

pak128 v1.4.6 (

Pak128 JAPAN for 101.0 (

Pak128.britain (08)
pak128 Britain v0.8 for 102.2 ( (new)

pak192 Comic 102.2.1 ( (new)

pak excentrique ( (new)

Pak64 HO
pak64.HO (alpha) ( (new)

pak32.comic for 102-0 (

makeobj 51
Windows (
Linux (
BeOS/Haiku (does not compile)

Release of 110.0 (r4303 on 14-Feb-2011):

   CHANGE: default savegame now bzip2 (games 33% smaller)
   ADD: Odometer and distance per month available for convois/lines
   ADD: (gerw) built tunnel without ways
   FIX: no longer possible for negative prices (cheat bus)
   ADD: (Dwachs) starting money per year
   ADD: lines will be listed numerically correct, if the contain a number
   ADD: bridge building with click-and-drag
   ADD: traffic light can set their phases now manually (in seconds) (new help text: trafficlight_info.txt, new string: -\nSet phases:-)
   ADD: some more network related settings like server_frames_ahead, network_ms_ahead, server_frames_per_step to control timing on the network
   ADD: translations are also search in user dir/scenario/text
   ADD: (gerw) auto-electrify depot added
   FIX: freelist sometimes returned wrong elements to free
   ADD (VS): makeobj ignored alpha channel now really
   CHANGE: (Knightly): Not scaling images displayed by gui_image_t anymore
   FIX: deleting tram signals again
   ADD: click-and-drag also for network games (except for building elevated ways, bridges, tunnels)
   ADD: tools should work on all clients regardless of underground mode
   ADD: tools work now correct with ctrl keys in networkmode
   FIX: a double block (presignal) robbed the following signal of its (pres/longblock/choosing) function
   CHANGE: no rezooming in viewport
   FIX: text overflow in message boxes
   FIX: window resizing is triggered even if initial click is not in dragger area
   FIX: square button's clickable area not set according to accompanying text
   FIX: help text link's clickable area not correctly set
   FIX: pak file image data not trimmed according to x-offset and contains superfluous data
   ADD: factories now support multiple fields
   FIX: factory builder does not consider minimum fields in randomising production
   FIX: tooltip box hovering above viewport
   ADD: (mostly Dwachs) nicer crossing infos
   ADD: bridges/tunnel show their names in info window
   ADD: (inspired by gerw) choose singals will not choose if on the route is another choose signal or and end_of_choose
   FIX: text overflow in ground info
   CHANGE: ground info and thing info title bar color will change according to ownership
   ADD: allow_buying_obsolete_vehicles in can disallow buying obsolete vehicles for better balancing
   FIX: forest density/size nor again reasonable dependent on map size
   ADD: factory stops can now get different names from building stops (%s factory %s %s must be new tranlated)
   FIX: build foundations only directly under elevated monorail depots
   FIX: ist_natur() return als false on halt tiles (like harbour)
   ADD: (gerw) broad tunnel patch (see pak64 sources: adding images [Nl] [Nm] [Nr] and so on)
   FIX: no longer no trees after 150 years
   ADD: no decimal point for very large amounts
   CHANGE: better displaying algorithm, should give much less clipping errors/graphics glitches with lang vehicles/bridges/stations etc.
   ADD: configurable thousand exponent (like 10^4 for japanese) by SEP_THOUSAND_EXPONENT
   FIX: Makeobj could not extract bridges (and possibly even more objects) under XP
   ADD: zooming in also for pak192
   ADD: preparation for images larger than 64k resp 255*255
   FIX: maintenance for ticks_per_month smaller 18
   ADD: timeline for cityroads using 'city_road[0]=name[,intro][,retire]' in
   ADD: winter image for PowerSource/ PowerDest: Image[2] and [3] as snowy versions of
   ADD: winter image for sidewalk: Image[1],[4],[7],[10],[13] as snowy versions, Image [5][8][11][14] transition images
   ADD: minimum and maximum numbers of next towns to connect to a factory can be set too in with factory_worker_minimum_towns/factory_worker_maximum_towns
   ADD: timeline for intercityroads using 'intercity_road[number]=name[,intro][,retire]' in
   ADD: winter image and timeline for crossings: winter images of [image][0] are [image][1]
   ADD: powerline stabilisation pak which enforces a single transformer next to factories/power stations
   ADD: enable to use more than one powerline object
   ADD: texture for tunnel grounds (Obj=misc, Name=TunnelTexture, Image with numbers 0,3,6,9)
   ADD: add default values for cityroad ("city_road") and intercity road ("asphalt_road")
   CHANGE: TAB goes to next/Shift+TAB to previous edit box, moving and resizing now even when other windows open
   ADD: skinnable scrollbars
   ADD: setting dialoge tool (handle with care, should not be visible by defualt for pak sets!)
   ADD: resizer also part of skin
   CHANGE: also starts without any skin
   FIX: no signals to be built on switches, since they will not display correctly
   FIX: waiting time cycles also on left button
   ADD: (z9999+) limit size of toolsbars in
   FIX: (z9999+) loading old games before 88.00
   CHANGE: forest settings moved to
   ADD: delay and duration of tooltip configurable in
   ADD: timeline for headquarters (pak-sets may need to be updated as the default intro date is 1900, default retire date is 2999)
   ADD: blinking cursor, selectable text and clipboard functions for text input fields
   ADD: industry increase and minimum city distance now also saved in savegame
   FIX: error in routing will clear itself after loading
   FIX: not restore fields if there is already a building on this tile
   CHANGE: minimap will center after zooming
   ADD: parameters of saved in savegame (networkmode)
   ADD: active window title bar is highlighted (for options see
   CHG: canals cannot be built on canals of other players
   FIX: removed obsolete forest config parameters
   FIX: traffic light setting also network safe
   ADD: if present show copyright line from ground.outside.pak (which should contain pak set and revision)
   ADD: new general_tool[36] to build cityroad according to timeline
   FIX: (z9999) building a harbour must check also for existing stops above/below
   FIX: (z9999) trains were braking on field too late after changing of route count
   FIX: (z9999) stopping before occipied crossings with a signal and many other signal fixes
   ADD: for text input, double-click to select a word and triple-click to select the whole text
   ADD: register lineless convoys at the halts and list them with links in the halt details dialog
   FIX: do not crash with prodbase 0 and ensure some basic production
   FIX: convois did not properly looked up next signal for signals on closed crossings
   ADD: right-click on icon of selected toolbar closes the toolbar
   ADD: server uses a different savegame revision => testing already possible now
   ADD: savegame version can be set in settings
   ADD: simple chat system added (send message option in message window)
   ADD: semiautomatical announce of servers possible
   CHANGE: chat option now part of message centre
   ADD: messages on joining and leaving
   CHANGE: renaming of stuff now in network games
   ADD: clients and server compare paksets before joining
   CHANGE: for two-click-tools: ctrl+click sets start marker, useful for point-to-point bridge building with two clicks in network games
   ADD: (gerw/Dwachs) build signals like ways; ctrl+click on icon opens dialogue to change parameters (help file: signal_spacing.h), in network games: ctrl+click and then drag
   ADD: station extensions can be built near public halts
   CHANGE: when joining with public station, the public station keeps its name
   CHANGE: Introduced symbols and tooltips for a much more compact status line
   ADD: dialogue can be changed (currently only minimap)
   ADD: possibility to compare pakset of client and server
   CHANGE: one year after bankrupt, clear slot for new player
   CHANGE: first load convoi waiting the longest time at a stop
   FIX: after bankruptsy, ways on public stops will remain unowned, so new people can connect to them
   FIX: transfer statistics too, when joining stops
   CHANGE: In order to lock a game the public player must be password protected. Unlocking the public player allows player change again.
   CHANGE: (Knightly) message system has now tabs for faster overview of categories
   CHANGE: cities try some terraforming to be able to build roads
   ADD: messages are saved in save games
   CHANGE: passwords are only checked/changed if <enter> is pressed in the password input box
   ADD: more messages for headquarters and making stops public
   CHANGE: application folder for simutrans now under /Library/Simutrans (default MAC standard)
   ADD: (TurfIt) rightclick closes all toolbars, all dialogues and deselects all tools
   ADD: (TurfIt/Dwachs) Windows snap onto each other when they are close (controlled by window_snap_distance)
   ADD: server can do monthly announcements
   ADD: announcements can be configured on command line
   ADD: also schedules and line windows are kept during joining
   ADD: vehicles can immeadtily loose part of their value when starting running (used_vehicle_reduction) to make expensive vehicle unattractive when starting a game