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Title: New map for netgame (pak128)
Post by: Guillaume on August 26, 2011, 04:06:57 PM
I did a map, which is not finished, so feel free to make suggestions :
Here the link to the image: (
Here the link to the savegame: (
The key of the map is attached to the map. I suggest 2 rules for the map :
 :arrow: Railway can only be build until the sixth height ( corresponding to the green grass, not the dark grass )
 :arrow: Airports can only be built where they are supposed to be on the map ( See the link )

The map is 640x640, so it will be good for server capacities ( same as the server which is fine)
The map is designed for 8 players : 4 freights players and 4 pax players.
In this map, co-operation is very important, at the start, pre-existing chain will need co-operation ( cars ), and some others no, some regions have a lot of types of ressources ( North : fish, oil ) ( South : coal, grain )
I searched the perfect map, but this is not a perfect map, but it offers some various gameplay : The North-East and North-West players will have to do ships, while the South will need more railway and roads.

The map will not be launched on the game #3 on, so we have time to improve it before playing on it.
The map is designed for pak128. The map needs some features to be changed ( industries growth, cities growth,... I think moblet should change it  ;))
Title: Re: New map for netgame (pak128)
Post by: Ashley on August 26, 2011, 10:35:14 PM
Good stuff :) It's great to see people working on these maps. If the demand calls for it further servers can be set up.