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Title: A guide to pak48.Excentrique
Post by: Spike on January 08, 2012, 08:57:07 PM
In this thread I want to collect snippets of information that should help people interested in pak48.Excentrique. Currently I don't have many of such yet, but well, I need to start somewhere ;)


Work in progress, incomplete. You can play with passenger transport, but there are no industries yet. A few landmarks for tourist sightseeing trips exist. A first industry chain to produce music is in the making.



To see all graphical goodies of the set, choose all climates but desert.  I prefer to have tropical the lowest and then going up to rocky. Arctic will be void, but gives a nice contrast to the lower climates, so I usually choose arctic for mountain tops.

If you have the v0.14+ ground addon, try these settings:


At the moment it's best to play without timeline (chronology).

Holes and Plugs

Updates for v0.14: