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PAK128.German / Re: I need translation help
« Last post by prissi on Today at 03:34:27 AM »
Simutrans shoudl use utff always internally, so unless there is a special resaon, translation files should be exported as UTF-8.
Git is synchronised once a day I think. I have no corntrol over the git repro. But incorporated your changes in r8990, thank you.

Web & Wiki / Re: Server news and move
« Last post by prissi on Today at 01:43:59 AM »
Good to know that you are healthy and save.
I'm on the latest Extended nightly (as of March 28, 2020) with Pak128-Britain-Ex and it seems ships from almost any era (I tried 1920, 1960, 2000) are completely broken?
No matter their power, the max speed is 0km/h. For example, see the modern turbine channel ferry (steam) in the attachment.
What could I do to debug this issue?
Web & Wiki / Re: Server news and move
« Last post by Isaac.Eiland-Hall on Today at 01:00:36 AM »
On the topic: It appears this server may be acceptable. Have to see if a backup can run. I still might see about a slightly faster server at a slightly higher price. Have to see. Haven't decided yet.....

I was really worried that something had happened to you!

Ah, well, there's still time! ;-)

Thank you for the commiseration!
Web & Wiki / Re: Server news and move
« Last post by Matthew on Today at 12:56:17 AM »
The main thing is that you are physically OK, Isaac. With the world being as it is, I was really worried that something had happened to you!

And commiserations on the business setback.
I love it ... This looks very beautiful!. <3

An off topic question, is it regarding the wheels of the vehicles, can they also use animations? It will be great for pak192.comic.

Cheers !.
I hope final patch is here. The LEGACY_SMOKE_YOFFSET = -8 is now applied only to vehicle smoke and smokes defined the old way (no indexes). Indexed smokes have no default offsets. So you can simply measure the distance from top of chimney to the bottom of tile, i.e. SE corner, not (as I thought) from center of tile. Then measure the distance from the bottom of smoke to the bottom of tile, and subtract these two. Then divide by 2 for pak128, or by 3 for pak192, etc. That is the y-offset. (it is always negative). X-offset is measured from centre of tile, and can be +/- 32. Setting smokelift = 0 is good for debugging and checking if the offsets are correct.

I also used VEHICLE_STEPS_PER_TILE_SHIFT in instead of magic >> 8.

Here is video with the wind effect:
Web & Wiki / Re: Server news and move
« Last post by Isaac.Eiland-Hall on Yesterday at 09:28:07 PM »
My main webhosting client is going away so I will be testing a smaller server. It may be too small, so I may have two moves, but hopefully only two. So if there are problems - slowness or outages due to moving - I hope they are not too annoying. :(

Also, for any outages - news at

But hopefully not necessary
OK I have added code so that buildings and factories display a line like "Built in: March 1751"

The difficulty is that when stepping forward a year,  karte_t::step_year() in does not increment the karte_t::ticks value (the old code to do so is commented out), so my calculation of ticks to year/month gets thrown off. 

Thank you - that is very helpful!
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