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Simutrans-Extended major projects / Re: Introducing regions
« Last post by passengerpigeon on Today at 02:38:16 PM »
I tried that: advanced settings, click on, save, load and crash: FATAL ERROR: planquadrat_t::rdwr() - Error while loading game: Unknown ground type '7'
Aborting program execution ...

Has anybody managed to get this to work now or is it still broken? I got this same error when trying to update my pre-regions save, which is all Albion. The game is now trying to build Coal-Fired Power Plants everywhere only to remove them at the end of the month because it can't place a mine. I can't even fix this by placing them by hand, as the Public Service doesn't have the ability to ignore regions like it does climates.
Is there any reason for max_listings to be so low?
ctrl-click the signal icon. Then a menu will pop up.
Also, can I auto-place one-way signals?
The default signal gap is 2 blocks (with the auto signal placement tool). But how can I change that number?
I have identified the cause.
Code: [Select]
const uint32 max_listings = 12;
uint32 listing_count = 0;

FOR(arrival_times_map, const& iter, arrival_times)
if(listing_count++ > max_listings)
If the number of convoys exceeds max_listings, the 13th and subsequent convoys will be ignored regardless of arrival or departure order to exit the search loop.
This seems to be a bug that has been around for 7 years.
I have now resumed work on halt_info to support the auto-aligned GUI, and I plan to fix this in that work.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Makeobj error on Windows 10
« Last post by TheRoadmaster1996 on Yesterday at 11:38:33 AM »
I have it in a folder in my windows files (with the C:) so all I have to do is cd c:/makeobj in my command prompt. Enter, makeobj pak whatever your pak file is. It's simple and I can remember it easily.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Makeobj error on Windows 10
« Last post by prissi on Yesterday at 05:47:58 AM »
makeobj is a command line program. The best way is to use it with a batch file.

Open a new file in notepad
Do sift+rightclick on makeobj.exe and select "copy as path" then paste it into this file. Add the of the line rest, so it looks like below (of course your path will differ.)
Code: [Select]
"D:\msys64\home\markus\sf\pak64\makeobj.exe" pak %~n1.pak %1
and save it as "makeobj-pak.bat" The ending must be "bat", so you need to switch notepad to "All files" in the saving dialog. otherwise it will but a .txt at then end (Then the file icon will be wrong too.) Now draw a dat file on it and it will generate the pak file.

If you want to create obj in other sizes, you need to exchange pk in the btach file with pak128 or pak192 or whatever you need.
Simutrans Help Center / Makeobj error on Windows 10
« Last post by michealspencer on Yesterday at 03:06:20 AM »
Hi, I downloaded Makeobj, but when I run it, a window pops up and disappears immediately. I am running Windows 10. Thanks for the help if anyone knows how to solve this problem.
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