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Currently it seems to only work on the server, but clients are not allowed to run the script links.
Bug Reports / Dragging cursor on minimap did...
Last post by Yona-TYT - Yesterday at 10:26:40 PM

ArchLinux SDL2, r10763
The dragging problem on the minimap is still present when you try to make circular movements with the secondary click.

Please watch the following video:
Social & Contests / Simutrans 25th Anniversary #7:...
Last post by Roboron - September 30, 2022, 08:58:51 PM
The new trailer for Simutrans is here! Watch it now!

Schedule of the Simutrans 25th Anniversary Posts
We are getting close to the end of the events of the 25th Anniversary. But before the final event, we will having a last interview with a very special guest. In two weeks, it will be time for Simutrans OTRP developer, "himeshi", to answer some questions!
Simutrans-Extended bug reports / Re: Bug: crash after loading s...
Last post by ceeac - September 30, 2022, 06:21:15 PM
Thanks for the report; PR#579 should fix the crash.
Simutrans-Extended bug reports / Bug: crash after loading save
Last post by michal. - September 30, 2022, 04:28:39 PM
How to replicate:

1) load attached saved file
2) game crashes

Expected behaviour:

Game does not crash :)


Hi everyone,

I usually pause the simulation while building larger infrastructure projects. In a recent game, I've rebuilt a train station, including deleting and building new piers, train tracks, and roads, altering terrain and changing line schedules.

I've saved the game after such changes, but when unpausing the simulation afterwards, the game crashed. The save itself crashes the game after it's loaded as well.

The save was created by version 2022/09/05 and crashes with the most recent nightly as well.

You do not need another shipyard; just a quay. The distance is straight lines between stops.
Simutrans-Extended gameplay help requests / Exploiting a River using short...
Last post by Chime - September 29, 2022, 05:40:25 PM
  I have a large town ~ 60km down a medium river from my sailyard, I'm running pokey boat horses but I'd like to get a flyboat or perhaps a few skiffs running along the urbanized portion to exploit this natural through line to see if it's cost effective, or at least in my head I'm giving the pax a rad riverboat pub crawl as a town feature.

  Do I have to build a new sailyard in the town? I'd like to not as they're a little spendy in 1850s ducats at least for the stage of my network. I tried putting just waypoints within about 20km and the boat started to go for it but then gave me "no route" do I need to put actual quay's every 20km in the middle of nowhere just for pathing?

  Also wondering how the scheduling windows distance is measured, is it from the stop your highlighting when you place the next point and is it measured as the crow flies or as the little boat goes down the twisty river?
Randomness Lounge / Re: Tea and cake - text advent...
Last post by jamespetts - September 28, 2022, 10:16:52 PM
Quote from: ampersand on September 28, 2022, 09:20:46 PMJames, you need any structured feedback?
That would be helpful, yes! Please post any feedback containing spoilers in a PM. Thank you.
Randomness Lounge / Re: Tea and cake - text advent...
Last post by ampersand - September 28, 2022, 09:20:46 PM

James, you need any structured feedback?
Randomness Lounge / Re: Tea and cake - text advent...
Last post by Isaac Eiland-Hall - September 27, 2022, 08:32:13 PM

I suppose I should have seen that coming...