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Pak64 Add-ons and Graphics / Re: modern city car reupload
« Last post by chickenx4 on Today at 01:51:37 AM »
we can try to recreate it with some extras like

Eagle Talon
Aston martin one 77
Lamborghini asterion
FPV F6 Tyhoon
I'm confused why it was needed -
To clarify, do you mean you were confused, or are you still currently confused?
I have not applied the patch (because I don't know how! I'll wait for the next release or the nightly).

I'm confused why it was needed - I thought if you assigned a specific platform in a timetable and had no choose signals, it would behave as expected - leave the platform it arrives at, loop around and call at the same station on the different platform.

Using e836925 I can see that's not the case. I never knew this was how it worked so it is most useful - sidings and loops are extensively used in the UK, especially turn back sidings or run-around loops, thank you!
Game Servers / Re: Phystam NetSimutrans Server - Karafuto
« Last post by TheRoadmaster1996 on Yesterday at 03:20:48 PM »
Right, and after the invasion of the island in '45, the Soviets deported the Japanese civilians back to Japan so now there are very few Japanese left on the island.

An interesting note, following the invasion the Soviet authorities continued to use an old Japanese locomotive (A Japanese Government Railways Class D51) they had brought over back when it was Karafuto and used it on the island I think until the late 1970s when the Soviets finally retired it. This is interesting because normally the Russians use a different track gauge then the rest of the world known as the Russian Gauge or 1520mm tracks. This is so that if Russia is ever invaded, the enemy cannot use their locomotives to haul troops and supplies to the front.
Do they have this usually?
Might je a country specific thing, anyways this is definitely useful.
It is not to distinguish the destination but to separate the place to get off and the place to get on to make the flow of people more efficient.
If they just want to distinguish the destination, they don't have to separate the place to get off.
Buses for the urbs of Japan have separate doors for getting off and for getting on.
bus terminals usually have arrival stops and departure stops in order to separate passengers by their destinations.
Do they have this usually?
Might je a country specific thing, anyways this is definitely useful.
Simutrans Extended Development / Class manager opens with maximum window size
« Last post by Ranran on Yesterday at 10:26:46 AM »
Sometimes it is maximized and opened like this, but I am not sure under what conditions it is occurring
This is a good change  :)
Every new version of GCC adds a new bunch of new warnings. For mistakes that have possibly cost someone millions of euro.

std::min/max should not require explicit typing if the types are correct to begin with. What might be a problem is KOORD_VAL a = 1, b; b = std::min(a, 0); since a is a short and 0 is an int. Oddly, C does not seem to have a suffix for designating a number as short literal the way L can be used for longs and F for floats. C++11 allows defining custom suffixes, allowing std:min(a, 0_h);, which is shorter than having to write the full type either either as a template argument or a cast.
I witnessed this happening with your convoys on the server as well. Did you happen to insert a waypoint beforehand?
Yeah, I set a waypoint at the intersection. And [<<] was inserted there. Convoy that reached there was teleported, reporting a strange distance.
I changed the waypoint next to the intersection and it seems to be operating normally now.
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