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Bug Reports / Re: Fast Forward Hard-coded Cap (glitch?)
« Last post by An_dz on Today at 02:14:41 AM »
In fewer words, what TurfIt wants to say is that the code will try to calculate the simulation in the given time, as you might expect trying to simulate an entire week in one second is just impossible so the game simply skips and rounds a lot of stuff resulting in lots of simulation errors.
Under FORUM STATS at the bottom of the index page there's a link entitled More Stats. It's there.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Makeobj won't execute
« Last post by An_dz on Today at 01:59:13 AM »
makeobj is a command line software, there's no GUI. Open CMD (Windows Command Shell) and run makeobj and you'll see the commands you can run.

The more common, and the one you seek is makeobj <paksize> <output pak file> <input dat file>
paksize is pak followed with the pakset size. (e.g. pak128 for pak128 and pak192 for pak192.comic)
output pak file is the name of the output file. (e.g. truck.pak)
input dat file is the name of the dat file you want to compile (e.g. truck.dat)
Bug Reports / Re: Fast Forward Hard-coded Cap (glitch?)
« Last post by TurfIt on Today at 01:28:28 AM »
Fast forward has an effective cap of 3200x due to the 1ms resolution of the timer; Cannot be removed, but even that results in an unusably fast  ~1 month / second.
If stuck at 150x, you're computer simply isn't fast enough (single core GHz counts here). Especially trying to drive 3840x2160 with software rendering is very taxing, more so setting threads=12 unless you actually have a 12 core CPU (hyperthreading on the display routines results in ~10-20% slowdown over setting threads=actual core count). In fast forward mode, the frame rate is fixed at 10 fps which can actually result in fast forward being slower than 1x for those with really slow computers.

Adjusting the time rate with ',' and '.' it's very easy to end up with simulation calculations going wrong. Anything outside T=0.5 to T=2.0 is playing with fire.
Hi there,
The elevated rail and road are adapted from other people's addons (although the rail one is, I think, far enough removed to be considered my own work).

The double tracks are my own work and are available here:,12225.0.html

Let me know if you need any of the related files.

Dear Carl,
If you have worked on the elevated track addon, could you please send me the source files if possible? I promise not to distribute your work with my pack and will only use the image as a template to "trace" over.
Thank you,
Simutrans Help Center / Makeobj won't execute
« Last post by venom_ on Yesterday at 08:41:18 PM »
Hi. I'm learning how to make paksets, but I can't open the tool required to create them known as Makeobj. I downloaded it, but when I run it a window pops up and disappears immediately. I'm running Windows 10. Thanks for the help if anyone knows how to solve this issue.
Excellent - thank you for confirming.
I confirmed today's nightly build(#8d5c4f8).
Vehicle acts slowing down and stop as before and this crash does not occur.
It was fixed. Thank you. (´・ω・`)b
[FR]Français (French) / Re: Matériel Français
« Last post by gauthier on Yesterday at 04:04:29 PM »
J'ai mis ton addon mais je ne vois rien de nouveau dans mes dépôts, peux-tu donner plus de détails sur ce que c'est censé être ?
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