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Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Running and monthly cost horses.
« Last post by Dutchman on Rails on Today at 06:37:06 AM »
It's the settings of November 5th, not the ones of November 12th. If it were I wouldn't post this. Now please just roll back both versions and forget about my whole idea. Because this is my last post about the subject. I'm out.
Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: New liveries
« Last post by Rollmaterial on Today at 05:35:26 AM »
May I ask if a Railfreight livery definition exists?
Yes, I did add it.
Wow this looks like an amazing addition! Thank you for developing it! :)
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: passenger and mail classes
« Last post by Ves on Today at 01:57:01 AM »
So, finally!

First of all, it seems as some terminology had been mixed up. Your implementation of g_class in the freight_list_sorter appears to try to sort by the classes of the good them selfs, that would say the wealth of the passengers/mails. That, however, is already possible since the ware.get_class() is accesable and sortable.
The difficult issue where however to be able to sort by class, or accommodation to help distinguish it from wealth.
I have therefore renamed it in the freight_list_sorter to accommodation, and I have had to make some modifications so as to not mix ware.g_class() with accommodation, as they have nothing really to do with each other in this sense.

So now it should (hopefully) work like this:

For both convoy info and halt info:
* Sort by wealth detail/via will sort the passengers and mails to their own wealth, irrespectively of accommodations or anything else.
* Sort by any non-class/wealth sort modes will clump passengers and mails together like they used to do
In convoy info:
* Sort by wealth will first show a line with the total amount of passengers/mails onboard, and underneith the pass/mail sorted by wealth.
* Sort by accommodation will sort the passengers and mails in their specific accommodations they are traveling in.

How it is done:
I have simply moved the sorting of accommodations outside the freight_list_sorter into, since we have no way of telling in which accommodation a good is located when it first has arrived to freight_list_sorter. Two new sort options has been created, and simconvoi sorts to different lists of goods dependent on which sort option is created. Well inside the freight_list_sorter, the good are sorted similar as to by_destination_detail and by_via.

To accomplish a correct maximum amount of pass/mail per class, I have created further to the sort_freight:
Code: [Select]
void freight_list_sorter_t::sort_freight(vector_tpl<ware_t> const& warray, cbuffer_t& buf, sort_mode_t sort_mode, const slist_tpl<ware_t>* full_list, const char* what_doing, const uint8 accommodation, const uint32 accommodation_capacity )
The accommodation_capacity is used to take a single capacity. The function is called once for every class in a convoy when it sorts by accommodation, and one last time for the rest of the good.

Known issues:
* When the vehicle-/halt info window is opened, the sorting is all mixed up. To resolve, just sort to something else and return
* On some sort options, when the convoy is empty, the formatting of the screen looks different

Code can be found here (new branch):

Please try it out and let me know if you find any issues!  :)
Thank you for your reply. I do not think that the issue with respect to the mouse click responsiveness is confined to just redrawing the window, since it also affects clicking on the buttons that should move the viewport to the location of the station in question. I am afraid that I am not familiar enough with the GUI code to be able to know what might cause this, so you will have to do some investigation (and perhaps comparison with other GUI elements to see how things are done differently there to avoid this problem).

I am not sure that I fully understand your answer relating to re-measuring journey times: my apologies. It will always take time for measured journey times to be updated when a route feature changes, as the actual measurement takes time; but what I do not understand is why measuring separately just for the line time measurement feature takes less time than the existing journey time measurements used in routing. Was there a reason that you thought that a separate system for re-measuring these times for this GUI feature only would take less time to update than using the existing means of recording point to point journey times?

Thank you again for your work on this - it is appreciated.
Pak128.German / Re: Screenshots of PAK128.german
« Last post by pumuckl999 on Today at 01:45:11 AM »
Two new extension buildings (station deleted for the screenshot) for earlier years:

Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: Tecnological industry
« Last post by DrSuperGood on Today at 01:41:01 AM »
Oh yeah!... But is allowed to copy an object, edit them and post it in addons like a completely different object??
I guess it depends on the licence of the object in question. As long as the licence permits it, the change is sensible/non trivial, and correct credits are given I would imagine it being ok. That said people generally prefer mostly unique assets, not just colour swaps, few pixel changes or other trivial changes.
Srry, DrSuperGood but where did James post a new topic with the steps to create a Simutrans server?
He did not post a new topic. He posted them above as reply 6...
« Reply #6 on: November 15, 2017, 10:59:12 AM » (UK standard time ~ GMT)

My original reply was not aware of this procedure. Last time I set up a server I used a self-built graphic-less server which needed more command line arguments. Here is an example of such command...
Code: [Select]
"Simutrans Server Release.exe" -log 1 -debug 2 -server 13353 -announce -server_dns -lang en -objects pak/ -noaddons
Thank you all for the reply. Also thank you very much for testing, jamespetts.

For Jando:
In fact I have not investigated much about in-game measurement logic which I used (especially about exactly when measurement starts and ends). So I don't know yet about whether it includes loading time, but probably not (at least time of adjoining stations).

For jamespetts:
First, the problem that buttons needs double-click or more might come from the issue that they don't handle clicks just when redraw occurs and re-registered some buttons in the window, but I have no idea how to solve it....

Second, I made new variables for the measurement because it takes time for measured journey time to converge if any of the features of the line is refreshed (such as modifying routes, changing convoys used, ... whatever affects journey time). Previously I thought of implementing reset button of average_journey_time, but I didn't decide to do it because it is used in pathfinding (in

Last, yes, some translation stuff is needed. I will try.
Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: How to draw an object?
« Last post by ROCAMBOLER529 on Today at 12:00:51 AM »
Once you have a graphic, you need to write a dat-file with all the informations about the object your graphic is supposed to represent, as well as defining which graphic to use for what (eg. for vehicles, define which graphic shows which direction).
If you go to one of the public pakset repositories (eg you can look at existing images and dat files. Probably the easiest way to start out is taking an existing dat-file of an object similar to yours and change name + graphics definition to get your object in the game. If you succeed, you can then alter other information about the object to fit your need.

Very Useful!!! i like that!! but i need to open or download any file or i need to open an specific file for a specific object, eg, A new factory in the factory files?!?!

The Argentian (Argentina Empire)
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