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As I explained, you do not need to run AFHPv2.1.exe, as the feature is fully incorporated into the master branch of Simutrans-Extended, meaning that you can just download the latest executable from the nightly build server as normal.
Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Running and monthly cost horses.
« Last post by jamespetts on Today at 11:27:05 AM »
Thank you for the additional changes to the fixed costs: I have incorporated those (on the passenger-and-mail-classes branch, as that is not far off being ready now).

As to workarounds, I am happy to incorporate workarounds to values that have not yet been balanced, such as prices, but do not want to incorporate workarounds that undo balancing to values, such as physics, that have already been balanced properly. The reason for this is that my effort is concentrated on producing the properly balanced outcome in the long term, and workarounds of the second sort make that much harder because they undo balancing work already done. That is also why I am not spending any of my time attempting to balance the costs yet, as that work can only start once I have added some important balance features. My time is so limited that I cannot afford to spend it doing the same work twice.

That means that price balancing for horses (and other elements of the game) will be some time off, but will, if all goes according to plan, be of a high standard when it is completed.

As to the boats, incidentally, may I ask that you start a new thread in that regard? It is somewhat confusing to be discussing sailing boats in a thread whose title suggests that it is specifically about horses.
Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Running and monthly cost horses.
« Last post by Dutchman on Rails on Today at 09:45:36 AM »
If you are interested in assisting with that process, that would be very helpful.

Sorry James, but you have to count me out on that.

Now don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate all the effort you put into Simutrans Extended. I would call your ideas on realism and on finding the root cause neither "silly" not "perverse". In fact, if the features you already made are any guarantee, I'm sure I'll thoroughly enjoy the end result. But if I see that my quick and dirty workaround on just a few horses already cost some 6-10 hours of tweaking and testing with 3 weeks throughput time, practical results could be many months off and several hundred hours work before there are tangible results. That's not what I'm going to sign up for.

What I'm looking for is workarounds. I want to enjoy the great features that you have created already, and I want to enjoy them now (or at least, very soon). Some problems are downright obstables, if my monthly profit goes down for trying to transport on several modes of transport, that's not very enjoyable. To cope with that, I'm willing to do workarounds in short sprints, an hour a week or so for tweaking, maybe 2 or 3 for playtesting, tangible results in <10 hours and a few weeks time, without compromising your long-term goals (at least not beyond what can be retweaked in just another short sprint).

Now your post #24 is very interesting reading to see your intentions (some of which brings in mind the idea of having a description field in the depots so we can see what the vehicles are good for), but it came after I already backed down on the tractive effort. It's not a big deal for me. The goal of my workaround sprint was first and foremost to bring the situation where players can set up a road network (mail and freight) that could contribute to the monthly profit. While I don't have a situation where I could find use for all the vehicles, I think with my final set the workaround goals have been accomplished as a pair of Irish Horses with a Waggon will be profitable for goods like Textiles and Fruit, and the Post Boy likewise for mail. Good enough to keep enjoying Simutrans Extended for the time being. Time to move on to another showstopper. Perhaps a small coastal ship or ferry. The Brig is a great vessel once you have 50 or so goods to transport, but there's nothing for the odd farm supply to the local market. If anyone could bring up a suggestion plus the pngs, we could work something out. Barring that, my game will eventually reach the point where the early steam engines are too expensive to make for a profitable medium-scale rail line, so that might be the next workaround.

Speaking of the final set, here it is. As usual, only the .dat file and the ods sheet with the calculations.
Simutrans Extended Discussion / Re: Heigtmap savegame error
« Last post by nuhgl on Today at 07:46:09 AM »
I am afraid that I still cannot reproduce this: here is the saved game that I produced by following your instructions exactly.

Thanks for uploading this save game!  ;D
I thinkI found why it has crashed I emtied save folder in my documents C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Simutrans\save then now it works as it should.
Save folder had one .7z file and ĎĎ.sve somehow I dont use that type Ď in my keyboard... But deleting these now app doesnt crashes when I want to save or load game.
Simutrans Gaming Discussion / Re: Easier on Creation Simutrans Servers
« Last post by Ters on Today at 07:03:42 AM »
You will need to learn how to open it and change to the correct directory using the "cd" command.

Or just go to the right directory and open the command prompt from there. With Windows Explorer, this is done by holding down Shift while right-clicking on the directory or in an empty space inside it. Unfortunately, the newest Windows 10 opens PowerShell, not the old MS-DOS-like shell, which takes many times longer to start up. I think I've seen similar options in other file managers, but I don't remember which or exactly how they work.
Have you used the commandline before? You will need to learn how to open it and change to the correct directory using the "cd" command.
Or on Windows one can create a shortcut to the executable and specify command line arguments there. This is arguably more user friendly as it does not involve running the Command Prompt.
Thank you all for replying and I'm sorry that I am late for responding your comments.

For nuhgl:
Thanks for trying the software! To launch the app, drop a .simtt file (an example file is included in the archive) to .exe . Hope that helps.

For jamespetts:
Thanks for replying. As for GUI, I will investigate on that, but it may take time, since I have much to do outside of working on this patch. It is so much appreciated if someone find the cause earlier.

As for re-measuring, the following hopefully instantiates my intention:
Let's assume that currently the entry of average_journey_time is [10:00], and now time is improved to 8:00.
With current implementation, start measuring (with empty average_journey_time_for_measurement) and soon journey time indicates 8:00.
If I use existing timings, first the entry become [10:00, 8:00] (=> average 9:00), [10:00, 8:00, 8:00] => 8:40, ..., taking long time for average to converge into 8:00, and it is difficult to know real improved journey time.
I apologize for my bad writing in English; I am not so good at. I hope this makes sense.
Tutorials / Re: Seasons.
« Last post by Isaac.Eiland-Hall on Today at 02:56:03 AM »
pulling my strings

Just a quick off-topic note - unless it's used that way elsewhere - "pulling my leg" means "joking with me" or "trying to get me to believe something untrue"; "pulling my strings" means "trying to control or manipulate me". :)

Wait where is the command line agument??

It is there. "-server". With no quotes.

Have you used the commandline before? You will need to learn how to open it and change to the correct directory using the "cd" command.
My operating system is Windows. Every time I try to run AFHPv2.1.exe this error appears:
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