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Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by makie on Today at 07:24:32 AM »
The first problem i saw:

The train can't get to the upper platform. You should put the stop to the lower platform.
Don't use long block signals for passing place. Use the normal signals.

Line Dabendorf <> Wellington
If you drive 2 train on a single rail you need passing place between each station, else it got a little tricky.
 Between Hirschhorn and  Darfield the is missing a passing place.
The platform an Wellington Central is wrong, the trains canĀ“t get there.

There is the possibility to build a passing place together with a station,
but this works only if all trains take a stop in this station!
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Total Asset Value?
« Last post by prissi on Today at 04:58:59 AM »
For embedding, I think the use of the Simutrans scripting engine is the best choice. THat has access to almost any of the parameters ingame, and can selectively set or enforce actions.

However, in extended the script engine is not working, as far as I know.
Social & Contests / Re: Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest
« Last post by prissi on Today at 04:55:39 AM »
There are different ways, but most easy is with different stops. The sources for the bridges are included, so you can see for yourself:
Simutrans does not use GPU at the moment at all, and it sends the display to the GPU each time a new frame is updated. Hence the internal GPU could be even faster, since that copy would be not needed (if the driver is that clever). THus iGPU can have as little RAM as possible to just display (may 200 MB?)

The only reason why GPU could be faster, is that the memory bandwidth is slightly lower due to the display update also needing a tiny bit of bandwidth (less than 5%). Bu that speedup is gained even with a dedicated graphics card, even without and 3D accelleration. So the memory speed of you GPU does not matter.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by prissi on Today at 04:46:58 AM »
There are no stucked convois on this map?
Simutrans Extended Development / Total Asset Value?
« Last post by knotwork on Today at 03:31:40 AM »
Does the game "know" the total current value in "local currency" (whatever value is measured/accounted in within an instance of the game)?

If so, is there a way/place whereby a shell script can obtain that metric?

If not, would a tool that, pointed at a saved game (or its log!), returns the total asset value be a relatively trivial/easy tool to build?

Apparently there are or can be un-owned assets so it seems it is not as simple as adding up the assets of all the players including the public player, but maybe the game keeps a total for "the" unplayer, as it were? So then one culd add up all of those and be done?

(I am not concerned about potential mineral resources potentially obtainable by mining the terrain and items like that, just how much game money is in that game instance including game money that is "in asset form".)
Total Liquidation Value could also possibly be interesting or useful if known or easily knowable, but is not essential since a discrepancy between total coins issued and total coins actually still in circulation not lost forever due to lost private keys or whatever is common in the cryptocurrency world and I usually just use total number of coins minted as a figure to divide total "treasury" (assets) by to arrive at a value per coin for purposes of computing conversion rates between different currencies.

(The converse of "market cap", in effect. Take the total assets as "market cap" and divide it by the number of units of currency.)

Some applications for such a tool include such things as being able to assign a "kitty" or "treasury" of some arbitrary currency to an instance of the game and be able to divvy it up in proportion to each player's, or each "winning" player's, holdings-as-a-fraction-of-total-game-worth.

So it would not be just for embedding a game within a meta-game that this could be useful, except of course to the extent that a tournament or suchlike can I suppose technically be considered a metagame in its own right.

Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by Lieven on Today at 12:12:29 AM »
I'll take out my ubuntu laptop tomorrow, so I probably will get a look to your map, and gets you back my opinion ;)
Social & Contests / Re: Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest
« Last post by Vladki on Yesterday at 10:34:09 PM »
Yeah those bridges are beautiful, especially the Kinashi arch bridge. How are they coded? Is the source available for inspiration?
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by DORpope on Yesterday at 09:34:22 PM »
Hey Lieven,
Thank you for your answer.

I play with Ubuntu, so my version is a bit different from others.
I installed it that way:

deb lenny contrib
sudo apt update
sudo apt install simutrans-uni-sdl2
sudo apt install libsdl2-mixer-2.0-0
sudo apt install simutrans-uni-pak128.german
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by Lieven on Yesterday at 09:08:40 PM »

Do you use some addons ?

When I want to load your savegame in pak128 German, my Simutrans Crashes "Too many intercity roads" said it

EDIT : I don't think that tis is caused by any addon, which version of Simutrans do you have ?
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