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I would rather show the percentage of supplied factories: so one graph and button. Button name could be 'Factories supplied' or something similar.
These buttons are only for citygrowth, as Dwachs pointed out, and only for factories within the cities catchment area. So even if these would record the amount (and not activity), then numbers would deviate.

I am open to suggestions for a better translation.
Archived Announcements / Re: List server and SVN down for the next few days
« Last post by prissi on Yesterday at 02:36:27 PM »
The nnouncement server works again (and the SVN too).
The ration of 'Arrived' and 'Goods' shows the ratio of factories with input storage divided by the number of checks performed. Only factories that receive passengers from the city are taken into account.

The button description is completely misleading. Also the ration of supplied vs all factories is not very interesting (although city growth depends on this).
Have fixed it locally, but svn server seems to be down.
Shouldn't they be the same number, like for Passengers and Mail?
These are completely different and uncomparable numbers. The charts for 'Arrived' and 'Goods' in the city window show count how often per month a factory in the city had supplies and how often supply was checked...
Forget to add, both drive_left = 1 and signals_on_left = 1.
Forget to add, both drive_left = 1 and signals_on_left = 1.
Either the number of goods delivered yearly is hopelessly high or abysmally low but the numbers on the charts are not in sync and they should be in sync since there's only 1 city. I think it's the city chart (right hand side) that's off since there's quite a number of goods trucks delivering stuff:

Appears in 120.2.2 with pak64 120.2. Also appears in r8387 nightly. Savegame attached.
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