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Social & Contests / Re: Simutrans Steam Screenshot Contest
« Last post by Lieven on Yesterday at 08:09:09 PM »
Yeah ! 4 participations in 2 days ! Pretty exciting !

@danivenk Impressive map ! The infrastructures are really impressive ! What a quantity of addons (I love the multi-lane bridges ! Are they compatible with Standard Simutrans or they only can work with the OTRP project ?) I also love the train station extension, they offers to create some beautiful and so complex stations !
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by DORpope on Yesterday at 07:47:26 PM »
Thank you so much for your help!
Such a nice idea with that upload website.
I uploaded the file "Spiel1_Stand6.sve".
(29. Nov 2020 20:42)
I don't know if direct links work, but I guess, that should be the download link:

I use the German 128 package.

The train system which I have in my map is quite simple. There are five very big cities on the map (don't judge me by those weird cities), and there are links between those cities.
The newest link is between "Dabendorf" and "Klinger", which only has one track and one train on it. It gets blocked anyway. But in that track, I don't have double-track-sections.

I am therefore more interested in why the other links between "Dabendorf" and the bigger cities don't work.

Many thanks!
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by Andarix on Yesterday at 07:35:39 PM »
Would it maybe be possible to upload my map as well and someone can have a look for what is weird there? (I play German 128)
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by DORpope on Yesterday at 07:09:24 PM »
Thank you for that cool map!
Would it maybe be possible to upload my map as well and someone can have a look for what is weird there? (I play German 128)
I do agree that it is impossible to help me without enough information about it. (thats why I have drawn that useless card)

The map in the link is quite messy, but I will also have a look for that there.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by Andarix on Yesterday at 06:38:47 PM »
you can download the save game from here

You can start and view it with the current version of Simutrans and pak64.german.

Help is difficult without a save game.
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by DORpope on Yesterday at 06:23:35 PM »
Hey Andarix,
Thank you for your answer.
Actually, those two links are the reason why I am here.
I am just to stupid to understand what they want to say me. And actually, they don't really answer my question about merging two lines into each other.

I basically tried every sort of signal.
The normal one at two-track-passing place.
The longblockone at the same place. Nothing works for me, even though the manual says exactly that.

And what makes me crazy is that it even not works in isolated tracks with only one train. How can those be blocked??
Simutrans Help Center / Re: Train signals
« Last post by Andarix on Yesterday at 05:00:43 PM »
The pictures on these pages may help you. The text is in German.

tutorial Multi-train
Railway Signals

Simutrans Help Center / Train signals
« Last post by DORpope on Yesterday at 04:16:44 PM »
Hello Friends,
I have been working on this for half a day and I just get crazy. I know, there are hundreds of topics about that, but I just don't get it. Its about train signals.
I do have three four cities which I connect to each other. The cities are called D, B, W and A.
D, B, W are connected in a triangle by three lines, pairwise. D and A are also connected. Every line only has one train, except for D-W, which has two trains.

I am trying to figure out how to built that, but independent from what I do, it always gets blocked.
So it looks like that: [attachment]

Everything is one-tracked except some parts where they have the chance to pass by. There, I used two basic signals, one in each of the two tracks like it is shown in the manual.
But they always block anyway. At any sections, everywhere. After that happened, I just removed all connections between the different lines such that everyone is independent, having its own platform at every train station.
Still, trains which are alone on their line, not sharing anything get blocked very often. Its difficult to describe.
In fact, I used only basic signals. What else should I do to solve that?

And how do I need to design parts where two (three) lines merge into each other?

Thanks very much for anybody trying to help me.

Key: Station "Z" are any sorts of stations in the middle, usually with two platforms. Those filled squares are depots.
A dedicated GPU is your best choice.
The RAM is DDR4, and the GRAM is DDR5 or even DDR6X. That's not at the same level.

But on the other side, Simutrans is not so heavy duty for the modern CPU or GPU, but need a huge RAM size for a big map.
So maybe you should focus on the RAM size, not the RAM speed.

And I had tried to play with both iGPU (HD 530) and GPU (GTX 770), on the response time the GPU is absolutely faster than the iGPU.

My spec is 6700K with 32G DDR4 2400, GTX 770 with 2G DDR5.
The iGPU was set to used 1G RAM as dedicated GRAM. And both shared 15.5G RAM for the graphics.
Well I think a lot of it depends upon this new-fangled "cryptocurrency" stuff.

Back in the old days before the internet, when dialup modem BBSs were the thing and I put literally billions of galaxies full of "Traveler"-like planets onto a single Apple IIe disk by virtue of the magick of predictable pseudo-random nuimbers, I had assumed that it was ridiculous to imagine some kind of universal "credits" that worked everywhere, because, for example, suppose blockades were a thing?

So back then when a starship left a planet any "local currency" got left behind as a "tip" to the starport, not-incidentally clearing the starship's "local currency" field ready for the next planet. It was the actual goods in your cargo bays that carried value with you from planet to planet, and every planet's price-list could be displayed in terms of any item on that list as well as defaulting to the random local currency having a random value relative to an internal value never actually displayed but used by the code and having a currency name built, like planet names, from pseudorandom phonetic characters. Thus usually it turned out to be convenient to display prices in terms of tons of fuel, since (almost) every starship needed fuel.

When in searching for trading software, even if it need be only trading of things that stay in place when you trade them ("I'll give you so much of this here for so many of that over there"), figuring a transport baron overlay could be added later to introduce actually moving what you bought at one place to some other place, I stumbled upon the newfangled "Bitcoin" I was elated!

Here at last was the potential to have an interstellar currency that did not require actually being able to carry something other than pure data from starsystem to starsystem! A blockade would have to block communications not just block starships! Wow! Time to reconceive the possibility of interstellar currencies!

Cryptocurrency also seems ideal for passing between games, since it requires no central server and likely no individual game can really hope to control it. I was particularly happy when a bunch of "Sci-Fi themed" cryptocoins came out, such as Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL), Universal Federation Credits (UFC), Klingon Empire Darseks (KED) and so on, later followed up by United Sci-Fi Coin or Universal Sci-Fi coin or maybe it is Unified Sci-Fi coin (USF to me, SCIFI on some exchanges) that let people carry-over value from the older coins that maybe were not being "mined" heavily enough to be considered "secure" blockchains.

Because of cryptocurrencies, it really does seem feasible now to have Deathstars actually cost a heck of a lot more than swords, even fairly legendary-grade magick swords; because of the simple fact that virtual items can be as it were "backed" or "underlain" by cryptocoins, so that when you are buying a Deathstar you are implicitly buying a very very large pile of crypocurrency "in deathstar form" as it were...

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