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Interesting. Do let us know how you get on with this project!
I try for "minimum necessary change".

For example FreeCiv lacked Starships so I created the Galactic Ruleset.

That is, no code changes and unlike an actual modpack no graphics, just pure textfile, the rules, referencing only existing images.

Thus no new nations (they would need flags hence images thus be a modpack not a ruleset, terminologically), so the FreeCiv representation we use for a civilisation of "Ancients" is FreeCiv's pre-existing "Antarcticans" and the represenation for E-for-Evil nasties in case player versus environment needs, for dramatic purposes, a nasty, we use FreeCiv's pre-existing "Egyptians", with a nod and a wink to the "Stargate" mythos.

The anticipated minimum necessary change some day to FreeCiv's actual code is something to make Starship travel easier to accomplish than by saving the games of the origin and destination worlds, hacking the savegame files to move the Starships and contents to their destinations, then re-starting the games.

Possibly though we might just make a Lua script hooked by disbanding a unit and assume that by disbanding a Starship you mean send it off-planet rather than cash it into resources. Though I don't know offhand how tricky it might be from Lua to catch the resources so they don't go to the city you disbanded at. Maybe though if that can be done from Lua it can also pop up a dialog asking if you want to really disband for real or simply leave the planet.

Then the Lua would leave a note to the hack-the-savegame-files shell scripts and the actual voyage would take place over the monthend when the servers save the turn and go down for monthend processing before starting up for the next month's turn.

(It is assumed game time will run about 12 times as fast as planet-known-as-Earth time; CoffeeMUD does that easily, Crossfire-RPG doesn't seem far off that and if it is maybe can be adjusted. FreeCiv players do however regard a game with only one day per turn to be a "long game" so one month per gameyear likely will seem extraordinarily long to many.)

But the thing is, you only need concern yourself with the FreeCiv scale if it impacts you enough for you to consider it worthwhile to become a citizen of a FreeCiv civilisation and (assuming it is a Democracy) vote to influence its actions or (if it a Despotism) maybe try to assasinate the current despot and take that job, or whatever. For roleplaying gamers accustimed to operating at individual-character scale the whole larger nation world and so on and maybe even the city whose sewers you are exploring killing rats looking for rumoured irradiated crocodiles or even some kind of alien "dragon" or whatever is all kind of shrug who cares, all that matters is it has a shop where dungeoneering equipment can be bought...

Part of the point of integrating different games is so that instead of having a high level deathstar in a galaxy cost about the same as a high level ranger or mage or whatever would cost in something like World of Warcraft the fact that you'd have to smelt down a heck of a lot of swords and shields and greaves or whatever to get just the metal towards building a deathstar can actually affect the relative prices of swords as compared to deathstars.

When games are separate universes, it tends to be that a minor purchase in one game costs about the same in planet known as Earth (also as Sol III) currency as a minor purchase in another, which just doesn't seem right (to me at least) especially on worlds where virtually everyone can see simply from the fact that the number of Civilisations purported to exist on this mythical "Earth" place is crazy-high, way beyond what any (FreeCiv) planet in any known galaxy has ever been known to have achieved, that Earth is just a myth, albeit an extraordinarily pervasive myth. (FreeCiv's limit on civilisations used to be lower than it is now, and even now I am not sure offhand whether it allows as many as this planet known as Earth place is purported to have.)

[ES]Español (Spanish) / Re: Configuración del entorno de blender para simutrans
« Last post by gio1022 on Yesterday at 12:49:29 PM »
amigo he estado mirando la información, esta muy buena, pero no he encontrado lo de las camaras o luces, ya que es lo que mas me interesa por el momento, dado que en cuanto al manejo de blender, ya tengo cierta experiencia, minima, pero creo que me servira para el propósito que tengo en mente, sin embargo no he podido revisar toda la información, ya la revisare luego les comento como fue.
muchas gracias por su colaboración amigo.
[ES]Español (Spanish) / Re: ¿Novedades Simutrans?
« Last post by gio1022 on Yesterday at 12:35:42 PM »
si es que había mirado arriba en avisos ultimas noticias entre otras que aparecen ahí y encuentro post muy antiguos siendo el ultimo del año 2012, 2008, por eso es mi pregunta, pero bueno muchas gracias por responderme @Roboron, estare al tanto, ah mi canal es el siguiente, hace aproximadamente 5 meses para acá es que le estoy prestando mucho interes en hacerlo bien y que la información dada sea comprensible, me ha tocado aprender mucho, pero bueno esa es la idea, espero me de su concepto, y en que podemos mejorar, muchas gracias amigo por su tiempo y colaboracion. Espero su analisis...
Knotwork: some of what you say is possible:
You can build two or more separate stops near the factory, and use one for delivery and the other for pickup.
You can build one stop with two or more loading bays and schedule delivery to one of them and pickup to another. Or use the choose sign to allow vehicles to pick any free loading bay of the same stop.  I think that openttd behaves as if there is choose sign everywhere, but I am not sure.

There are no conditional skips in schedule. Only wait for x% load or wait for some time. So if you have multiple suppliers, you have to pick from all without waiting for load (or wait for appropriate fraction of load at each). Remember that they do not have the same production rates, and these can vary if you supply them with workers, mail and electricity.

Same applies if you have multiple consumers for one producer.
Because of the uncertainty and unprofitability if vehicles run half empty, it is more common to set up simple point to point connections.

About openttd, if i remember correctly, openttd vehicles stopped at whatever stop they were passing through, and there was special order to go non-stop. In simutrans vehicles ignore stops that are not in their schedule. That's why you have to exactly specify the reverse route.

I do not remember any conditional skips in openttd either, but I haven't played that for years.

Also the mirror schedule function is not good for trains, as you usually want trains to stop at different platform on the way back.

Fro circular lines there is the button alternate directions (in extended) which sends each new vehicles in opposite direction than the previous one. Also you can manually send any vehicle on reverse route (checkbox in convoy details).

It is common to send mail trucks along bus routes, the easy way to do it is to build stops on corners, one corner a bus stop, another mailbox. It does not matter on which one you stop, pax and mail can load on both (they are one stop). If there is a free tile nearby you can build a post office instead of post box. Also some paksets have combined bus stop with mailbox on one tile.

[ES]Español (Spanish) / Re: ¿Novedades Simutrans?
« Last post by Roboron on Yesterday at 12:10:56 PM »
Las novedades de Simutrans suelen publicarse primariamente a través de estos mismos foros. Concretamente:

=> Download Simutrans - Para las nuevas versiones de Simutrans Standard
=> Pak192.Comic - Para las nuevas versiones del Pak192.Comic
=> Pak128.GERMAN - Para las nuevas versiones del Pak128.GERMAN

En la wiki, Frank también se encarga de publicar artículos para nuevas versiones de Simutrans y algunos paksets. Y yo, ahora que soy el encargado de Simutrans en Steam, también trataré de publicar todas las noticias relevantes en el centro de noticias.

=> Lista de artículos de la wiki
=> Centro de noticias de Simutrans en Steam

P.D.: ¡Muéstranos ese canal!
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Core performance improvements
« Last post by prissi on Yesterday at 12:02:15 PM »
The solution, implemented in the old Simutrans3D brach was to have all images in a big texture, to avoid loading images from and to the graphics board, which would take more time than software rendiering. (Since the PCI bus is slower than the memorz access.)
[ES]Español (Spanish) / Re: Configuración del entorno de blender para simutrans
« Last post by Roboron on Yesterday at 11:56:02 AM »
Sé de algunos recursos repartidos por el foro por aquí y por allá. En especial, el pak128.Britain tiene tutoriales sobre Blender.

=> How to get scale measurements in Blender 2.79
=> Step by step tutorial: making vehicles for the pakset

Nótese que todos asumen que usas una versión específica de Blender (2.79) y no están adaptados a versiones recientes.
Interesting. Did you plan to make any changes to Simutrans-Extended's code and/or paksets to allow for this, or did you just envisage that one would set up a Simutrans-Extended game and imagine it being part of the Galactic Milieu universe?
[ES]Español (Spanish) / Configuración del entorno de blender para simutrans
« Last post by gio1022 on Yesterday at 11:40:24 AM »
Hola amigos, como estan, mira la verdad quiero crear unos complementos para simutrans desde blender, hace mucho tiempo atras me había encontrado con un archivo donde especificaba los grados, las dimensiones de las cámaras, la lejanía de las luces, su intensidad, para configurar el entorno de blender adecuadamente para renderizar la imagen ya lista para simutrans, pasa que volvi a buscarlo pero no lo encuentro(el archivo), y quisiera saber en donde puedo encontrar este tipo de información.
Quisiera poder crear imágenes para este juego, y poderlas compartir, quizas algún día puedan estar algunas dentro del proyecto simutrans que viene por defecto con el pak.
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