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They are written to a separate file on the server. Maybe because the server is crashing it never writes the file.
But what about 1750-1761?
Market narrowboat, available in 1761, small river or narrow canal, 25 passengers.
Game Servers / Re: [Extended] "Canterbury and Whitstable"
« Last post by asaphxiix on Yesterday at 08:18:22 PM »
In the folder above the one where normal saves are stored, this will usually be somewhere under my documents
Game Servers / Re: [Extended] "Canterbury and Whitstable"
« Last post by AP on Yesterday at 08:17:02 PM »
Local copies of server games, no I didn't realise they were kept. Where are they hiding then?
Weird. I'm playing Wednesday's version (#469755f) and I can't see this anywhere, not do I remember seeing this in any previous version.

edit: I see now that you mean the New Line window.
Game Servers / Re: [Extended] "Canterbury and Whitstable"
« Last post by asaphxiix on Yesterday at 07:24:56 PM »
Hi AP, you also have the same games on your local folder, so you can report it :) do u know where they are?
Simutrans Extended Development / "Via (line)" option in stop menus?
« Last post by AP on Yesterday at 07:23:34 PM »
Please can I request consideration be given to introducing a sorting option for "via(line)" in the various menus e.g. stops, which list out who is waiting.

I think this would be of considerable help in managing networks, where players do not immediately know all the many city names and which lines serve them.

It could just list the immediate line from "this stop".

Or in a more advanced form it could list them in clusters, showing the whole route those waiting plan to take. E.g.

Line:  76 people, of which:
-Line 6, Line 1: 10
-Line 6, Line 6:
-Line 6, North Ferry line: 20
-Line 6, South Ferry line: 40

Either the simple or advanced form would be a real advantage.
It has been found on the Canterbury-Whitstable simutrans-ex server that when the server crashes and the game has to be restarted from a save, all the player passwords are stripped out.

This would seem to have risk for abuse in competitive online games.

I'm sure Asaphxiix who runs that server can offer more details.

Moderator note: The title of this post has been changed to reflect the fact that this issue has been confirmed not to be a bug. The amended text is in square brackets.
Thanks for fixing the map  :D

The bug appears fixed, but it now appears impossible to upgrade "upstream small river (navigable)" sloped tiles i.e rapids, with canal of the same width. E.g. tile (5836,2080) on the bridgewater server game.

Possibly your fix prohibits upgrade of lesser or *equal* width, which it should, but I suggest it should permit equal width upgrades in the event the tile is sloped.

Also we need to ensure that the prohibition on canals at altitude doesn't apply to sloped tiles, so river which goes very high (as on this map) can always have their rapids upgraded with equivalent width locks.

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