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This is kind of off-topic, but how do you force liquidation of another company on a server game?
Further tests show that removing all of Bay Transport's vehicles appear to allow a stable connexion to be maintained. It would be very helpful, however, if anyone else could test to verify this: the server is currently running in this state, so if anyone can stay connected for ~1 hour, this would be very good evidence of the stability.

Even more interestingly (perhaps), I discovered that I had missed some rail and road vehicles when I was testing earlier, and that some earlier versions of the testing saved game file (including the ones that I used to test the absence of road vehicles, aircraft and trams) still had one or two road vehicles left, as well as the first attempt at testing the removal of rail vehicles still had some road vehicles left. Testing with this version, the loss of synchronisation still seems to occur.

This is most interesting as, if the current saved game can be shown to be long-term stable, I can then remove vehicles one by one and see which one is responsible.
The tractive effort and power (principally the tractive effort) are the only parameters in the physics engine that control the rate of acceleration.

If the graphics that you are interested in are already present, I do not understand your earlier question.
The graphics are already there (well the old VTEC graphics anyway). But do the acceleration rate have to be given in tractive effort?
I have just carried out a further test by withdrawing all of Bay Transport's road vehicles. Connecting to the game thus modified still results in a loss of synchronisation after a few minutes.
Edit: Removing the aircraft also does not remove the loss of synchronisation issue.
Edit: Likewise, removing trams has no effect. All that remains is rail, so it seems likely (but not certain without further testing) that the problem is associated in some way with rail transport.
I have noticed that the signal ahead of choose signal shows temporarily clear aspect, even though the track ahead is not reserved. When the train approaches to 4 tiles, it turns back to danger. Is that intentional?
See the attached screenshot.

The behavior happens only if the train is scheduled to stop there, and it does not matter if it chooses the scheduled or alternate platform.
If the train passes through without stopping, the next signal behaves normally, i.e. is at danger until the train approaches to 4 tiles, when it reserves track further and turns to clear.
If someone makes the livery graphics and updates the .dat files, then certainly.
Simutrans Extended Development / Re: Signal aspect problems
« Last post by SouthernTrains100 on Yesterday at 06:45:19 PM »
I think the reason why this big occurs is because the block reservation does not route it to the tile where the signal is on. It routes the train to the tile before (the tile which does not have the signal on).
What I mean is that like can the class 800s ingame be able to be relievered into LNER livery
I am not sure that I quite understand the question; it is possible in principle to produce graphics for the liveries of anything. I think that the .blend files for this are now available, so you should be able to modify the 3d models used to create the graphics for this rather than producing entirely new 3d models.
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