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Title: What a quick rebalance can achieve!
Post by: Spenk009 on September 24, 2016, 04:36:36 PM
I updated from an older pakset of pakbritain and updated my Experimental executable. The map is fairly sparsely populated ~2600x1300, 90 towns, population 300,000 and I started in 1750.

Running a business was difficult in the era, with mail being decently profitable and requiring many years to connect most towns by river or inter-city roads. Building new roads and canals is fiendishly expensive, with the land purchase making every tile further. So you stick to mail services and probe all rivers for connections with the shortest amount of new network. This was a real challenge, as I sometimes made a new connection and the credit limit would be swept away under my feet as the way required maintenance but wasn't making any profit.

This change in balance must be the direct result of a change in mail value. I think I may stick with the lower revenue version even if it's outdated.