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I initially started another pull request with various changes and fixes, and I see that James merged one of the individual commits from that branch. Admittedly, there were potentially controversial layout changes in that branch so I have replaced it with two separate pull requests, one for simpler fixes ( and one for larger changes(
Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Eurostar rolling stock inconsistencies
« Last post by Freahk on Today at 01:18:34 AM »
class 373
speed: 300 km/h OK
introduction: 11/1994 OK (no source found, but within construction range)
refurbishment: ?/2012
retirement: 12/2015 OK
weight (loaded): 816t 20 car set / 682 16 car set
seats: 210 1st class, 584 2nd class
brake force: 1046, calculated from "A train travelling at 300 kilometres per hour (186 mph) can slow down to stop in 65 seconds, during which time the braking distance is about 2.7 km (1.7 miles)" Although it is unclear if that is an emergency brake, so the old value (930 in a 20 car set) is kept.
air resistance: yet to be researched

Power head
length: 22.15m ~> 13 -> 12
power: 6100 -> 4080
force: 205 -> 137
weight: 68.5t OK
axles: 4 OK

First car
length: 21.48m ~> 12
power: 0 -> 2040
force: 0 -> 68
weight: 44.6 Ok
axles: 4 -> 3
seats 2nd class: 48

Intermediate car
length: 11 -> 10
weight 2nd class: 28.1 OK, although these differ in weight from 28.1 to 29.7t, so I'd prefer to average that out.
weight 1st class: 28.1 -> 29.6 1st class
axles: 4 -> 2
seats 1st class: 39 OK
seats 2nd class: 56 -> 60

Catering car
length: 11 -> 10
weight: 31.1 OK
axles: 4 -> 2
seats: 0 OK
catering: 4 OK

Middle car* (does not exist ingame sor far, see options below)
length: 10
weight: 39.4
axles: 3
seats 1st class: 27

First/Last car unpowered (fictional in Eurostar, but very usual in any other TGV setup, fictional weight and capacity based on simmilar cars)
length: 10
weight: 39.4
axles: 3
seats 2nd class: 48

*That car does not exist in the model so far. Graphically, it's not a problem to simply "recycle" the first/last car.
The technical part will need some considerations as it does only have disadvantages, so players won't use it if they don't have to.

I see the following options:
- Add this middle car and enforce it. That would require to define 1st and 2nd class intermmediate cars thrice (before middle, after middle, and "short train" variant)
The advantage of that method is that it simmulates the train most preciesely.

- Do not add that car and keep the preciese real-world data of the other cars.
The advantage is simplicity, but it would result in the 20 car class 373 to have 24 1st class seats too much and to be 19.8t too light.

- Do not add that car but slightly reduce seats and increase weight of ofter cars, so summed models weight and seats fit to the original.
The advantage is simplicity either, the disadvantage is wrong numbers on th remaining cars.

Brake forces and axle loads
I did not find figures of these anywhere. I'd simply calculate axle loads from cars weight and the number of axles and calculate brake forces from trains overall brake force, assuming brake forces to be the same on each exle.


Further notices:
The specific class of Eurostars is difficult, as they use a first class concept we cannot simmulate. There are two different first classes, sharing the same seats but differing in service.
From that, I'd simple leave it as "usual" first class, but might consider adding a little more comfort than other trains. Especially the APT does have a higher comfort level than Eurostars. Has there been anything special about the APT? Otherwise I'd just set Eurostars 1st class comfort to the same level or slightly above.

Each set draws up to 16MW with 12 MW (16,000 hp) of traction power
Might be interessting for cost per powerkilometer balancing, might further be interessting once power consumption/fueal and energy costs are simmulated.

class 373 air resistance data:
Velaro D air resistance (half a 374)
ICE3 air resistance (Velaro D predecessor)
Yes, it is possible that this had caused other symptoms; I should be grateful if you could let me know if anything else has been fixed.
Simutrans Extended Development / [BUG] convoys can teleport to a far away depot
« Last post by Freahk on Yesterday at 11:33:43 PM »
First, I sadly couldn't reproduce it, nor I have observed this live, so this is consideren an incomplete report and any help on reproducing this is appreciated.

However, I got a depot in Lytingcombe that was only built to start a mail line. There are no passenger routes around, at least none served by me.
In that Depot were 11 of my old Friesian/Stagecoach convoys stored which, according to their set route, belong to a Rose Yoxchurch-St.Clement line on the other side of the map.

I asume these could not find a depot when they should get replaced and something went wrong in detecting the "next" depot to teleport them, but as I said, I couln't reproduce it so far.

Did anyone else observe such behavior, or even better could reproduce it?
Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Suggestion: Humber Keel multiple good holds
« Last post by Freahk on Yesterday at 11:13:47 PM »
If Humber Keels could actually carry multiple goods, I'd just do it the same way as done with Brig and East Indiaman, obviously using smaller goods holds or passenger cabins.

Sounds like this might also have caused the bug in which passengers boarded a line they shouldn't board, so you just fixed two in one :)
Not sure if that was a bugreport in the forums or I had just read this in the chat, I'll figure it out.
Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Suggestion: Humber Keel multiple good holds
« Last post by Vladki on Yesterday at 10:42:51 PM »
(perhaps except live stock animals, though...
Why not?
Thank you for the reproduction case: this was helpful. I think that I have found and fixed this. What appears to have happened is that schedules with waypoints incorrectly failed to record estimated arrival times in some cases. At the part of the code where passengers choose which class to take and whether to board the current convoy, the system relied on estimated arrival times at the destination; where these were not present, the time was calculated as being the present, such that the journey time was zero and comfort was thus irrelevant.

I have now fixed the problem causing the arrival time data not to be stored, and also added a heuristic based on average speed to estimate the arrival time where these data have not been stored in the past. In these conditions, the passengers on the long sea voyage will always choose the highest class that they can afford.
Pak128.Britain-Ex / Re: Suggestion: Humber Keel multiple good holds
« Last post by Ves on Yesterday at 09:31:12 PM »
One posibility could be that when choosing a passenger humber keel, instead of it allways being a mail hold pared with it, you could choose any cargo hold to go with the passengers (perhaps except live stock animals, though...
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