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99.17 into 100

Started by pletiplot, August 09, 2008, 07:19:56 PM

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I have just installed 100.1, load my very old game and I am very dissapointed of the big missmatch of vehicles.
Instead of weak Benhart BR228 I suddenly have Pantheres (in year 1984 with timeline) and many other vehicles are substitued with some really different ones. Could someone help me, how could I solve it?


Which pak? With pak64 there should be correct substitution. Otherwise add the names to the file in pak/

Bernd Gabriel

A lot of vehicles have been removed due to licence change.
You should copy the missing old vehicles to the new pak directory.
Or install simutrans 100 into previous 99.17 installation.
The journey is the reward!


Actually, for this reason there is the file It has double lines: First line old name, next line new name. Hmm, seems the 228 is really missing there.


Thank you for explanation. I dont need to have 228, I'll satisfied with similar engine - similar with power, speed and era. I will have a look at it.


Please report any other missing engines, then.


BR55 Deltic
MJHN Avocet
BR103 (which is disabled, because of imbalance)

have no compat record too.
Should I add it, or could I wait for official pak64 patch?

I cant search all eras, it would take too much time.

What about MaxiTaxi?
Some trucks and ships have lsmaller capacities than their peceeders, but it is normal I think.

Some new vehicles are a bit uglier (I dont like two deck passanger wagoon), but it is the life. On the other hand new ships are very nice .

However I still dont like running costs setting up algorithm. Slow and strong engines are too expensive, fast and weak are too lowcost - but put them twice and you have fast and strong meta engine with half costs then equivalent engine. And the gear - it increases the final speed but it is imposible to reach it, because it takes long time. Fast engines with big gear are too expensive. And for some engines I don't understand the costs at all.


Strange, there should be a in pak/ with the entries needed for replacement. If missing, download the one from pak64-svn:

The engines you give are missing in there though ...