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Bus to Train connection

Started by hreintke, May 24, 2012, 09:18:22 PM

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I have two cities, each with a circular "city bus line", and had them connected by running a bus which has stops on both city lines.
After that I made a train stations in each city with a busstop from te city line.
But now the train is not used by the passengers. When I removed the "inter city" bus. no passengers at all. Only when re-using that the passenger get back. Is there a specific way that I have to connect busstops to train stations ?



The bus stop should be part of the same station as the train platform, e.g. you should only see the station name once. You can achieve this by extending the platform or bus stop one tile each time, and not "jump" to a further tile. Extending can be done by station extensions (parking place, station building, post office) or adding additional stops or platform tiles. Once you have your platform and bus stop belonging to one and the same station, you can remove the intermediate extensions if you want. Platform and bus stop might not be neighbours then, but still belong to the same station and so can act as a transfer.

I hope this makes sense for you. It was a long, hot and tiring day today...
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Yes, perfectly made sense. It is working now as expected.
Do not know exacltly why it didn't work the first time but will do some experimenting (as i am doing a lot with other features).
Good thing is to know to you can see they are connected when they share the name.

Thanks for the help.