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Elevated ground
« on: May 31, 2012, 12:45:17 PM »
There are quite a few bus stations in the 'basement' of a building [which might actually be street level] in the UK - eg Nottingham Broadmarsh (under a car park), London Victoria, etc. Underground (truly tunnelled) - well, no - but in the open air - not so often either.

Now, this rises a problem: Simutrans currently only has support for true tunnels or open-air, with a limited option of elevated rail on top of other things. Otherwise we can't do anything but bridge one way with another. In PakBritain128 (AFAIK) there is no elevated road in the same manner as rail.
If we wish to implement realistifc bus-stations under other facilities, there is a need to be able to create a 'raised ground' over ways (and other things that are not tall). Surely there is a case for 'elevated ground' upon which other items might be freely constructed above ways etc.  I dare say it would not be cheap (perhaps 25% to 50%  more than the premium of elevated rail beyond ground level rail costs, or even more than landfill - which I suspect is a little steeply priced anyway), but this would allow the creation of 'covered ways'. Travelling home yesterday, I passed through such construction twice in Birmingham alone (between Hall Green and the next station, and of course at & near New Street in a number of places - and I believe it's been done near Snow Hill), so it's hardly unusual. Anywhere that land is at a premium, it is common to build over open ways, as the cost can be justified. Just travel round London (and consider the District/Circle/H&C /Met lines of LUL: they are nearly all the much cheaper cut-and-cover, not bored tunnel)

Hmm. I think that qualifies as an extension suggestoin, and maybe it belongs in standard. But hey, Experimental is where we seek reality, so perhaps it'll do for now.

Oh, and I think we have strayed somewhat off the original topic, albeit with interesting points. Perhaps this thread should be split?-

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Re: Elevated ground
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2012, 01:12:55 PM »
Topics split as suggested! (Original topic here). I rather suspect that elevated ground would be a little impractical - it has been suggested before, I think. It might be worthy of some further consideration if there is strong support for it, although my time to implement such a thing is greatly limited.

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Re: Elevated ground
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2012, 10:42:44 PM »
I hope this is not topic necromancy.

The problem could be somhow solved with stations/stop on tunnel entrances (tunnel entrances on vertical slopes could be even better), so that you can normally raise a few tiles of the ground, dig a tunnel through it, and then add your station both on the tunnel section and in open air.