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Prague, Czech Republic

Started by ML, June 02, 2012, 09:06:59 PM

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 Hi Simufans,

some years ago I created a map of the Czech capital in three different sizes. Those were the good old times I could play Simutrans quite often, now I just manage it once or twice a year for a couple of minutes.. Keep up the great work in the development! It is a great feeling to see the progress when one looks at this website. Feel free to use my modest contribution and repost it wherever you want.

The link follows: (valid till July 2012)

PS. Back then I almost finished map of Antarctic as well. I think only a couple of details were needed before converting it to a suitable map file. However I am afraid the data will not be found on my old PC. Anyway, if there was someone willing to finish it, just message me and I will try to look it up.

Best wishes


Thank you, will put it on Simutrans Maps after the weekend!

And a map of Antarctica would be interesting as well!
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Panda is back! (Or not?) Very good work Matin!


Published on the Simutrans Map website and a honourful mention in the Simutrans blog...
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