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Author Topic: Which is the longest Simutrans game, in real life time, you have ever played?  (Read 2004 times)

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I've found this post at reddit where a guy tells he had played Civilization during ten year in real life (images). The Civilization creator, sid Mieder, said that he had no idea you can play his game for so long. So, I was wondering which is the longest game in real life  time you have ever played, and if you have images of the evolution, would be great. In my case, I think it was a year and a half game, starting in 1920, with no fast forward.

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Current Balconia game lasts 4 months now and still going, which is about the longest until now. It is 32 game years at the moment starting from 1960. I am still planning to make a story about it, but have not got around to it. For the time being, playing it is more fun...

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One thing is how long I've been playing a game, another thing is how much I've been playing it. I can at any time resume a game last played 2007, but saying that I have played it for more than five years would be misleading. The game I'm currently playing when playing Simutrans, can be found in backups from February 2010, which is the earliest I've got. The original file creation date has been lost. However, I've had long breaks from playing Simutrans since then. In game years, it has been played from 1830 (I think) and is currently in 2017, without fast forwards.

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Usually a few months, then I go code a new feature and am tempted to start afresh. Some day I'll even get to play the 20th century (I usually start in the early 19th but have t restart before 1900...

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Back in the old days a japanese player crashed simutrans, when he(?) reached 2730 (because then the 16 bit month counter will overrun). This was without fast forward!

Also the legendary hongkong map (op.sve) with more than 8000 buses mostly serving their original lines is in the year 2418 and was built by the player over more than three years (if I remeber correctly)