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Simutrans 111.3.1

Started by prissi, July 31, 2012, 12:09:50 PM

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This is the first version with enabled multithreading code (on windows). This should speed up updates especially on large screens. If simutrans crashes during loading or refuses to start, I will again provide not multi-threaded builds.

ATTENTION: Addons now reside inside a folder "addons" in the simutrans folder. Please move your addons into that folder!

Installer for Windows

MS Windows user should use the Online-Installer.

Those versions do not support IPv6 on windows for largest compatibility down to win98. If needed I can provide IPv6 builds.

If you want to download manually, you will need an executable and a pakset.


Windows native (new) (you may need unicows.dll for Win9x)
Window with SDL (new)
Linux with SDL and SDL_mixer (new)
Haiku with SDL (new)
Mac OSX/Intel with SDL (new)
Mac OSX/PowerPC with SDL (new)

PakSets - graphic packages

pak64 Basics
64pak food chain

Pak64.german 110.0c
pak64.german 110.0c (reorganized)
pak64.german addons (mostly for tourists) 110.0c (reorganized)
pak64.german industry addons 110.0c (reorganized)

Pak64.Classic 102.2.2
pak64 Classic for 102.2.2

Pak64.japan 111.3
pak64 japan (beta)

Pak64.contrast 102.2
pak64 contrast

Pak64.HO-scale "latest"
pak64 HO-scale

Pak96.comic V0.4.10 extended (new)

Pak96.HD 100.0
pak96.HD (0.4)

Pak128 V 2.1
pak128 2.0

Pak128.japan 110.0.1
pak128 Japanfor 110.0.1

Pak128.britain (0.11)
pak128 Britain v0.11

Pak128.german 0.41 (new)
Pak128 German 0.41

pak192.Comic 102.2.1
pak192 Comic 102.2.1

pak48.excentrique 0.18 (new)
pak84 Excentrique

Pak32.comic 102.0
pak32.comic for 102-0


makeobj 54

Release of 111.3.1 (r5843 on 31-Jul-2012):
   ADD: weight in dat fields are in tons but kg can bei give like 1.350
   CHG: goto / follow convoi functionality via window gadget
   CHG: no bridges over runways / taxiways
   ADD: check whether format specifiers of translated strings match those of the master string, start with -debug 2 to get error messages
   ADD: customize icon of toolbar separator (taken from menu.BarTools or extra menu object)
   FIX: crash when changing to other programs while in fullscreen with GDI version

EDIT: Fixed Pak96.Comic link ~Fabio
EDIT: Small spruce-up in the page, since the download page is now pointing to here ~IgorEliezer