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Pak Contrast 808 released

Started by Kristian, August 09, 2008, 07:20:45 PM

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Pak Contrast 808.0 for Simutrans 100.0 is out. You can download it from the addons site:


The source is available either under the (Simutrans) Artistic License, or under the GPLv3. You can send me a PM if you want it the source. I will put it online somewhere later.


are there any addons? for example industries or vehicles? ???

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pak96.comic addons


Unfortunately, no. This pak is meant for

  • building massive rail networks
  • urban planning

You can however use normal paks (for 64) with it.


I'm updating Simutrans Site.

I need to know if PakContrast is an evolution of AboSet.


No it is not; they are separate enterprises.

Pak Abo is "stable" and waiting for some kind soul to keep it updated for the newest simutrans versions. I am still "developing" Pak Contrast, but I do not currently have much time for it, as I am teaching, taking courses, and doing research at the same time.

Do you need screenshots of Pak Contrast?


Quote from: Kristian on January 29, 2009, 06:41:19 PM
Do you need screenshots of Pak Contrast?

If you want to include it in new site? I'll need:

3 full screenshots
3 thumbnails (optional)
1 description (3-5 lines)
1 link



Screenshots attached.

Thumbnails in the next post.

Pak Contrast is a minimalistic pak set. Its features concentrate on massive passenger networks and urban planning. Default maintenance costs are low, and construction costs high. The player should not feel financially constrained to invent creative rail solutions, but should instead take on the challenge of transporting large passenger flows as efficiently as possible.

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Here is last year's Pak Contrast updated for simutrans 102 (stable).

This is a temporary release at a temporary location. I will add further objects to the pak during the coming months.