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Lifespan of railway stables

Started by MCollett, July 09, 2012, 11:58:07 PM

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Horse-drawn railway trucks, and the horses to pull them, are in principle available until 1918.  They are clearly expected to have some uses in the later 19th century, since they are marked as able to use tramways, and tramways don't come into existence until 1860. 

But railway stables cannot be built after some time in the 1850s.

I suggest that either:

  • railway stables be available as long as the horses; or
  • railway stables be available until the appearance of tram stables, and that tram stables be able to build horse-drawn freight wagons as well as passenger ones.

Best wishes,


Hmm, this is not entirely straightforward. Tramways have their own types of horses, which can also travel on railways. Horses were not generally used on other types of railway, however, much after the 1830s (with some exceptions, such as narrow gauge railways). The tram horse is introduced in 1852, but the current tram track is introduced only in 1860 (and the tram stables in 1810). I have now synchronised all of these so that they are all introduced in February 1852. This overlaps with the depots for railway horses, and ensures that there is no gap in the available supply of horse drawn rail based traction. Thank you for pointing out the issue!
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