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MSVC project files update

Started by eipi, July 17, 2012, 07:46:25 PM

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This patch provides an update to the MSVC 2010 project files (as of r5830).
What has been changed:

  • The executable file is put into ./simutrans in both configurations.
  • The names of the executables in Debug and Release mode are now simutrans-trunk-dbg and simutrans-trunk, respectively, in order to avoid overwriting upon build
  • Libraries are taken from ./libs/win32
  • Mulicore processor compilation and floating point exceptions have been enabled in Debug mode
  • Updated the revision number to the current version
  • Added some missing native library dependencies

Any further suggestions are welcome  :)


I will do a new project file, the current VC2010 is not useful (no header, absolute path for libs, not svn code, ... )