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Your fetism in Simutrans

Started by colonyan, July 18, 2012, 11:43:40 AM

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When do you get "excited" while you play Simutrans?

I get when

- City grow other side of the early layed track and station for the city.
- City grows so its built up area surrounds ealry layed track so it is enough to build a new station to cover a newly built city area.
- When goods reaches far way end consumer.
- When express train overtakes local service train at a station with avoid line for local train.
- Seeing many road vehicles running around.


When everything in view flow smoothly (traffic wise, not performance wise). Rarely lasts more than a second or two.


demolishing buildings that stand in my "perfect" railway path that I planned, but usually never stick to :D
My Sketchup open project sources
various projects rolled up:

Colour safe chart:


Keeping the amount of waiting passengers/mail/goods at all stations below the max level and the load of all vehicles as high as possible.


I have generally 2 manners to play :
- Play with a big map without chronology and economic challenge.
I want just create and grow up  big cities with rural countries around which are many chains of industries to feed them. So I must put plain networks to transport goods between all elements.
- Plop and organize attractive and curiosities elements are another face of my playing thinking.
I organise and connect them to make people's movement trough my map with respect of real life as possible.

Current projects in progress : improvements of few designed french paks


I thought the question was when you get a kick out of Simutrans, not how you play.


When, either I or other players that I observe in uploaded saved games or server games, playing to maximise their success in the game, incidentally produce a beautifully detailed and highly realistic transport network.
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