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pak.ironhorse issue

Started by Spartanis, July 21, 2012, 11:50:16 PM

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Not sure if this is a BUG Kiero, but,

Now that i have my Menuconfig working (thanks to Dwachs) I have set my icon sizes to 48x48 in, and also my icons images as 48x48 within 64x64 size images.

The Game behaves as if they are 48x32!!!!

HOLD THE FORT.. Somethings seem to fix itself.. Let me suss it out a bit more before I mention anything....

Ok.. all TOOLBARS are placed correctly, but however, First toolbar to show, will cut off the lower portion of the MAIN MENU bar.. an unable to drag the first toolbar around.


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Ensure that icon_width and icon_height are set and spelled correctly in the The default values are 32, so I suspect that you misspelled icon_height.

Your icons look great!
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Quote from: Dwachs on July 22, 2012, 11:39:22 AMYour icons look great!

... and I suspect the bug is just an excuse to show off these icons. ;)


LOL Igor.. Not so :P

Dwachs, here is the cut'n'pasted section of the menuconfig:

icon_width = 48
icon_height = 48

Ps Dwach: thanks for splitting the topic. I wasnt SURE if its related to his changes, but however, the more i think about it, the more i tend to think it IS a toolbar related issue, as VS said....

I wonder.. if height was mispelt in the code?

like: icon_heihgt?


btw.. here's the latest Screen shot showing the error. the icon-width, icon_height set is correct, just that the MAIN MENU bar is the issue... and yes Igor.. NOW im showing off :P


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Quote from: Dwachs on July 23, 2012, 11:22:14 AM
where is the screenshot ???

You mean its not showing? O.o

*looks*.. hmm.. me thinks Linking to.. ohh. hang on.. *slaps self* I set the Facebook Photo album to "Only me" status on that foto .. lol.. brb.. fixing this

EDIT: is it fixed?


no, you can post it as attachment here.
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if the image above doesnt show.. i attached the image below (same image, but cropped to fit 64kb limit)


Decided that 48x48 is a bit too big. Reduced to 32x32 icons instead (that means removing the texts).... But still..

I did try 24x24 settings... it still behaves that menubar is 32 hieght.. so im thinking its in the code? anyways....


Quote from: Spartanis on July 25, 2012, 11:17:18 AM
so im thinking its in the code? anyways....
Could be the case. I did not have time to check...
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Show off? Please show off more! They are very nice.


@Spartanis: I tried to set icon width and height to 48 in pak64. I can confirm that there are problems with the main menu toolbar: Once a window is moved on top of the main menu bar it cannot moved back.

However, icon spacing looks right, which means that I could not reproduce what you are showing in your first post.

Edit: The overlapping problem with main toolbar should be fixed in r5840.
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