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« on: July 23, 2012, 08:30:34 PM »
This is the expansion of the pak96.comic, with most of the last creations of the designers.

I have baptized Pak96.Comic-Expansion...


ADD: building.AirDepot.pak--------------------------Hangar of airport (An_dz)
ADD: building.BoxesOnGround.pak--------------------------Boxes, load station (An_dz)
ADD: way.LZDirtTaxiway.pak--------------------------Taxiway dirt (An_dz)
ADD: way.LZDirtTaxiway2.pak--------------------------Taxiway dirt (An_dz)
ADD: way.LZTaxiway .pak--------------------------Taxiway dirt (An_dz)
ADD: way.LZRunway.pak--------------------------Runway dirt (An_dz)
ADD: way.LZDirtRunway.pak--------------------------Runway dirt (An_dz)
ADD: way.IntAirTaxiway.pak--------------------------International axiway  (An_dz)
ADD: way.IntAirRunway.pak--------------------------International runway (An_dz)
ADD: way.runway.pak--------------------------Local runway (Reytm2)
ADD: way.taxiway.pak--------------------------Local taxiway (Reytm2)
ADD: way.limit.pak--------------------------Airport perimeter (Reytm2)
ADD: building.AirStop.pak-------------------------- AirStop Basic (Reytm2)
ADD: building.air-pax-terminal.pak--------------------------Ext AirStop Cap 384 (Reytm2)
ADD: building.Intern-Air-Terminal.pak--------------------------Ext AirStop Cap 480 (Reytm2)
ADD: building.Load-Post-terminal.pak--------------------------Ext AirStop Cap 128 (Reytm2)
ADD: building.ModernControlTower.pak--------------------------Ext AirStop Cap 96 (Reytm2 & An_dz)
ADD: building.tower_modern.pak--------------------------Ext AirStop Cap 352 (Reytm2)
ADD: roadsign.air_one-way.pak--------------------------Signal Prohibition airport (Reytm2)

ADD: building.maglevdepot.pak--------------------------Depot maglev (The Transporter)
ADD: way.maglev1.pak--------------------------Way maglev (The Transporter)
ADD: way.maglev2.pak--------------------------Way maglev high (The Transporter)
ADD: tunnel.maglev.pak--------------------------Tunel maglev (The Transporter)
ADD: bridge.maglev.pak--------------------------Bride maglev (The Transporter)
ADD: roadsign.maglevSignal.pak--------------------------Signal maglev1 (The Transporter)
ADD: roadsign.maglevAuswahlSignal.pak--------------------------Signal maglev2 (The Transporter)
ADD: roadsign.maglevAuswahlendeSignal.pak--------------------------Signal maglev3 (The Transporter)
ADD: building.maglevstation_hoch.pak--------------------------Stop maglev Cap160 (The Transporter)
ADD: building.maglevstation_eben.pak--------------------------Stop maglev Cap160 (The Transporter)
ADD: building.maglevBahnhofshalle.pak--------------------------Stop maglev Cap160 (The Transporter)

building (Tourist attraction):
ADD: building.churc.pak--------------------------Catholic church (Reytm2)
ADD: building.igle2.pak--------------------------Protestant church (Reytm2)
ADD: building.invert.pak--------------------------Home paws up (Reytm2)
ADD: building.plataform.pak--------------------------Platform of Space Launching (Reytm2)
ADD: building.stadium-futbool.pak--------------------------Futbool Stadium (Reytm2)

building (City):
ADD: building.func.pak--------------------------Building of the Func (Reytm2)
ADD: building.home3.pak--------------------------Family home (Reytm2)
ADD: building.home-double.pak--------------------------Home two Plant (Reytm2)
ADD: building.multres.pak--------------------------Building multy-family (Reytm2)
ADD: building.pool.pak--------------------------pool (Reytm2)
ADD: building.socity.pak--------------------------Colonial building (Reytm2)

Chains of Production:
ADD: factory.Windkraftwerk.pak--------------------------Eolic Electric generator (Reytm2)
ADD: factory.nuclearkraftwerk.pak--------------------------Nuclear reactor (Reytm2 & Qayyum)
ADD: factory.radioactive_warehouse.pak--------------------------Warehouse of Radio-active (Reytm2)
ADD: factory.uranium_processor.pak--------------------------Processor of Uranium (Reytm2)
ADD: factory.uranium-mine.pak--------------------------Mine of Uranium (Reytm2)

ADD: good.Uranium.pak--------------------------Natural uranium
ADD: good.Uranium235.pak--------------------------Uranium U-235
ADD: good.Uranium238.pak--------------------------Uranium U-238

ADD: vehicle.Airbus_A300_Load.pak--------------------------Airplane A300 loads (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.Airbus_A300_pass   .pak--------------------------Airplane A300 Passengers (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.Airbus_A310_MRTT.pak--------------------------Airplane A310 Cistern (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.airbus_a320.pak--------------------------Airplane A320 Passengers(Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.b747.pak--------------------------Airplane b747 Passengers (Zeno)
ADD: vehicle.Beechcraft_kingair.pak--------------------------Airplane Beechcraf Passengers (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.Cessna.pak--------------------------Airplane Cessna 72 Post (An_dz)
ADD: vehicle.concorde.pak--------------------------Airplane Concorde Passengers (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.DC-10-martinair-cargo.pak--------------------------Airplane DC-10 loads (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.DC-10-martinair-pass.pak--------------------------Airplane DC-10 Passengers (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.ilyushin_il-62.pak--------------------------Airplane IL-62 Passengers (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.Ilyushin_il-96.pak--------------------------Airplane IL-96 Passengers (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.Money_Bravo.pak--------------------------Airplane Money Bravo Passengers (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.Money_Bravo_post.pak--------------------------Airplane Money Bravo Post (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.Yakovlev_Yak-42.pak--------------------------Airplane yak-40 Passengers (Reytm2)

ADD: vehicle.mag100.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 60 pass (The Transporter)
ADD: vehicle.mag100post.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 50 post (The Transporter)
ADD: vehicle.mag200a.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 100 pass (The Transporter)
ADD: vehicle.mag200b.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 100 pass (The Transporter)
ADD: vehicle.Mag200c.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 150 pass (The Transporter)
ADD: vehicle.Mag200d.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 150 post (The Transporter)
ADD: vehicle.rtm-maglev1.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 95 pass (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.rtm-maglev2.pak--------------------------Train Maglev 95 pass (Reytm2)

ADD: vehicle.rtm-ferry.pak--------------------------Ferry 100 pas (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.ships_cargo.pak--------------------------Ship Cistern (Reytm2)
ADD: vehicle.TankerWagon-T11_W01.pak--------------------------Wagon Cistern (An_dz)
ADD: vehicle.truck-rtm2.pak--------------------------Truck loads (Reytm2)

CHG: bigLogo.pak
CHG: demo.sve

I hope you enjoy it ...

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2012, 10:55:00 PM »
Ohh very nice. The first "Expansion Pack". I need to check which objects I don't have. ;D
And very nice logo.

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2012, 02:24:33 AM »
Are there any wagon for uranium? Otherwise this (controversal) chain will be useless?

And indeed, very nice logo.

Could you rename your folder either simutrans/pak96.comic, or simutrans/addons/pak96.comic? Otherwise the installer will hace a hard time putting it into the right directory. If you do not ming, and this is stable, I would put it into an easier to access location, since we have useful serverspace a lot.

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2012, 06:07:52 AM »
@reytm2: Glad that you could finish a first release version :)

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2012, 09:35:54 AM »
Beautiful logo :)

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #5 on: July 24, 2012, 03:08:13 PM »
@prissi: For the transport of uranium used wagons "bulk goosd" and in the case of uranium 235 and uranium 238 wagons "paletten goosd bulk."

The link below contains the pak with path: "/simutrans/pak96.comic"

@all, thanks for your comments ...

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #6 on: July 24, 2012, 04:28:16 PM »
I think we should include only the additional objects to be installed inside addons folder. Unless you added something else.

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #7 on: July 24, 2012, 08:39:17 PM »
I see, I was under the impression this is just an addon. Especially, since there is no real authority on releasing the existing object under new packaging. Hmm, this make things a little more complex.

EDIT: I put it on SF, with a slight more meaningful string in outside.pak, to discern it from plain vanilla pak96.
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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #8 on: July 25, 2012, 04:05:55 PM »
@ Prissi

Ok, I completely agree .... thanks for all the help.

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Re: Pak96.comic-0.4.10-expansion-001
« Reply #9 on: August 24, 2012, 03:24:33 PM »
Very good job. This pack is my fovurite, but it was claery stalled. It's a great idea to unite all the contributions in an expansion. I hope I can have some time to test this expansion.

Let the spirits do not fall, do the pak96.comic a reference.