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Started by RogerBW, July 31, 2012, 02:02:06 PM

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First Simutrans map, and first pass at the MOLA data - here are two sizes of maps of Mars, 720x360 and 1440x720. Lots of polar distortion, of course, as is inevitable on a sphere-to-rectangle mapping. The thumbnail assumes water level -7.

Suggestions welcome - I'm thinking of compressing the vertical range a bit to cut out the pyramid effect on the big mountains. Once I've had a chance to work on the higher-resolution data, I plan to release more maps of specific interesting areas.


That's a neat idea! Looks like an interesting map.


Funny idea! Will take a look at the maps when I have time (probably after the olympics  8) ). Can I publish them on Simutrans Maps?
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Quote from: Combuijs on July 31, 2012, 03:32:07 PMCan I publish them on Simutrans Maps?

Absolutely! Free for anyone to do whatever they like with - I just wrote the code to convert the NASA data into Simutrans.


that's a nice map!
I've attempted mars and the moon myself in the past, but the results were horrid.
Yours is excellent.
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Thank you, RogerBW! It is now available on Simutrans Maps, plus an honourable mention in the Simutrans blog. If somebody can make some pig vehicles, we will have Pigs in Space!
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