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Airplanes - Runway length
« on: August 03, 2012, 12:09:30 PM »

I have done some work using the manuals of the aircraft. I calculated all the minimum length of the runway, according to engine power and weight of aircraft that are included in pak128brit.
I used as reference features "ISA" (sea level, 0 degrees Celsius, dry track). This will get the lengths the lowest anywhere. The values ​​can be recalculated on an average temperature of 10 degrees centigrade (which is the average temperature of Heatrow) amplifying of 10%.
Looking at the data can be seen, however, that the 747 version 100 and 200 have a length of the track particlarmente high. The problem is that with more than 400 passengers the plane was overloaded (can not fly), I thought (if you agree) to use a more powerful variant of the two planes that should provide better performance.

Ford trimotor    1600m    PAX/MAIL
A318-112         1800m    British
A319-131/132  1650m    British
A319-111         1900m    Easy Jet
A320-214         1900m    Thomson
A320-214         2000m    AerLingus
A321-231         2050m    Monarch
ATR_42_320     1000m    BlueIsland
ATR_42_300     1100m    FedEx Post/Cargo
ATR_72_200     1400m    British
ATR_72_200     1400m    FedEx Post/Cargo
BAE_146_100   1000m    DanAir
BAE_146_300   1100m    Jersey
BAE_146_300   1100m    TNT
BAC_111_200   1850m    BUA
BAC_111_500   2000m    Caledonian
B727_100         2300m    DanAir
B727_100C       2650m    DHL/UPS
B727_200         2950m    British
B727_200Adv   3500m    DHL/TNT
B747_100         3800m    BOAC
B747_200         3800m    BritishCaledonian
B747_200F       3250m    SeaBoardWorld
B747_400         3200m    British
B747_400F       3200m    CargoLux

I will fix versions in github, after understanding (according to you) how to act towards the 747 and 10% increase.

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Re: Airplanes - Runway length
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2012, 12:22:10 PM »
thank you very much for this - it is much appreciated. Your work on the aviation side of things over the years has been very helpful indeed!
I think that a 10C based length would probably be more realistic for British conditions than 0C. As for the 747s - it is probably reasonable to expect such enormous aircraft to have a very long runway length requirement, so there is no need to change this, I think.
Thank you for your work!

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Re: Airplanes - Runway length
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2012, 06:20:31 PM »
The pilots will normally reduce fuel on board, if the airplane is too heavy for shorter runways. Sometimes, they may also unload luggage to lighten up the airplane. It's usually not a problem, because airports with smaller runways only serve short and medium distance destinations.

It should be fine in simutrans, since the airport will be properly big for big airplanes.  :D