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Author Topic: Further suggestions on minimap  (Read 1182 times)

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Further suggestions on minimap
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:24:10 AM »
From here: by NightElfik

  • Minimap
    {S} When you examine connections (with "Industry details" on) it is very hard to put the cursor over smaller industries. Even in 1:2 (one step zoomed in) industries which are 1x1 (like sheep farm) are 2x2 px on the map and it is really annoying to hit it.
    There is quite nice option in map legend called "Industries" which will render them as large boxes, but this option makes impossible to hit that 2x2 square entirely!
    I suggest that those large boxes (with "Industries" option on) will show route on hover (over that big boxes, not original small industries under them). Maybe add next option to legend called "Connections" which will show all connections to avoid hovering.

    {S} When I pan the map in non-isometric mode I really miss that I can not "over-pan" to the black a bit (reach the black background). I mean if the map is on border, I would like to drag it like 100px more to black to see the edge more clearly. I hate looking on borders. In isometric mode it is fine because there are only 4 pixels on the border and I cal live with that :-)

    {S} With zoom 2:1 (one level further than 1:1) some horizontal and vertical lines disappear completely (i mean roads, rails, power lines, rivers etc.). I know this is due to scale because it is drawn only every second tile, but this should not happen. This is especially painful with power lines which can be only horizontal or vertical.
    I suggest to use anti-aliasing, something like draw map 1:1 in memory and then scale it with bicubic interpolation (can be cached)