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Reviving the Starter Guide [Work in progress]

Started by eipi, August 13, 2012, 09:25:27 PM

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It has been three years since the Starter Guide has been updated for the last time, so I think it needs an upgrade. Over the past two weekends I've been working on a new version typeset in LaTeX. This is what I've got so far:

Over the next few weeks I will try to add new chapters as well as some more screenshots.

Now I've got two questions:

  • I am planning to release the source code with the pdf document. Can I license it under the Simutrans Artistic License, or should I rather stick to the GPL or a custom license?
  • What about the layout in general? I sticked to the default font for now since it is best to read, at least for me.

Feedback is always welcome. :)


If you are writing in Latex, you should know the answers to your question: first content, then format, fonts, and license :)

Nice that somebody works on this again.

It would be a good idea to synchronize your work with the wiki. Ie make content available in both formats.

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As an old contributor in this project, as far as I remember, the guides were under the same license as Simutrans (AL) but if you want to reboot the project, you can change it. About the layout, I think the current one is quite clean and clear. If you need help, just ask. ;)

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