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Donations being accepted to cover Simutrans server costs

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, August 29, 2012, 05:49:13 AM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

UPDATED July 2021

EDIT: To add this to the top to make it more clear:

1. I am not requesting donations, simply opening them up per demand.
2. The server is not 100% used for Simutrans, I also have personal projects on there. (Although most of the used resources are Simutrans, although the server has plenty of unused resources for now)
3. I choose to have this server - although I don't currently have paying customers, I did in the past and could in the future.

That said, my original post below:

After shutting down donations for several years, multiple people have asked. While I am not in financial hardship (beyond a temporary issue due to being in hospital), I am setting up two ways for donations per requests.

- New server is $75/mo
- Old server still moving away from is $125/mo

So the cost right now is approximately $200/mo but will - within a month or two - go down to $75/mo. (With a few other misc annual costs of around $100/yr)



Again, not begging/requesting for donations, but I also feel I can't turn them down if people want, sure. It is appreciated.

If you do donate, please let me know somehow if you'd like to be anonymous, or if I may use your name and/or username. I'll set up the donations subdomain again soon and I'm happy to list everyone, anonymous or not.

I will emphasize one last time that I am not soliciting donations - I should be okay financially. But I know I've wanted to help others at times, so I felt I couldn't refuse to set this up. I am incredibly thankful for all the support. And please remember that I'm not the only one with costs, and I'm certainly not the one who puts the most time into the project, I'm just one of the faces of Simutrans because I talk a lot and administer the forum (and I'm not the only admin anymore, for that matter). :)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

As of 31 August, we are up to 2.1 months of server hosting. It was suggested that we leave donations open until we get six month's worth, then close donations until that's been used...

Also, I won't be naming names because I cannot say who wishes to be known vs. anonymous, but I just wanted to say that three people have given a half month's worth, and one has donated an entire month. (We started out with -2 months, so the total that's come in so far is 4.1 months worth).

Isaac Eiland-Hall

As of 7 September, we are up to just shy of four months of server hosting. Again, donations are few but large, and I am amazed at the community support.

Upcoming next: 11 September will take a payment; we're currently covered through the payment due on 11 December, meaning we're guaranteed to be running through 11 January (with a payment due then).

I myself will be making a monthly donation starting next month, which will also help a little bit.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

:bump: Donations have run out, and will be accepted again, but not required. :)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Wait, wait, don't throw the money OUT, throw the money IN!!! ;-)

edit: $125 donated today by three people - $10, $15, and.... $100! Amazing...

edit2: You know, I feel like I can't publish the information of people who donate without their permission... but I really need to contact all the donators and ask, because... it's just amazing. I think I'll work on that tonight - start a list of who all has donated - using "anonymous" for anyone who doesn't want their name (or simutrans username) used... It truly has been moving to me how many people have pitched in. :-S

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I have set up a page to show the donations, and thank the donators. I'm still contacting everyone to discuss how they wish to appear. The "t" entries are temporary, and mean I haven't heard back yet. I'm numbering the "anonymous" in order I receive said request. :) And finally, the domain might not work for you yet just because DNS takes time to propagate. That being said:

You all have my uttermost heart-felt thanks!

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I made a silly mistake the other day that took it down, but yes, it's back.

It was one of those carefully considered charges against the enemy, only to find that the enemy was myself (was trying to fix a problem that turned out not to be a problem, which took down that one account on the server).

I didn't realize anyone noticed. :whistles innocently:

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Donations are officially closed. I am involved in a business that - although has not quite yet seen real money come in, already has projects in the works that will lead to real money.

In other words, it pleases me to announce that my financial situation will be improving shortly, and I will be quite pleased to go back to my original arrangement, which was to host Simutrans for free as a part of my business. (Well, business never took off until finally now...)

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Replaced the top post with an update. Donations are officially open again, and I will create again soon. :)