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[Tips] Video Recording of Simutrans

Started by Carl, September 10, 2012, 10:06:48 PM

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I've recently been exploring how best to create video footage of Simutrans for sharing with the community, and I thought I'd share some tips which will work for Windows users, at least.

I recommend the following programs:

1. Camstudio, for recording.

2. Virtual Dub, for editing.

You'll also want the Xvid codec, which is best for recording high-quality videos with low file sizes.

Unless you have very beefy hardware, you won't be able to record in fullscreen or at a very impressive framerate. My tactic is as follows: record at a low frame rate, e.g. 8 frames per second (set options to 125 and 8 in the Framerate section of video options on Camstudio), and then speed up the video in Virtual Dub. I record at 1280 x 780.

To speed up a video in VirtualDub, goto Video > Framerate and then enter a value suitably higher than the existing rate.

Using these settings, a 2- minute 720p video comes in at around 55MB.

Anybody found any other useful programs/methods?

P.S. I also recommend NOT using Windows Movie Maker, which is a pile of trash.


Quote from: carlbaker on September 10, 2012, 10:06:48 PM
P.S. I also recommend NOT using Windows Movie Maker, which is a pile of trash.
Windows Movie Maker on Win XP is fairly okay and accomplished my very basic needs; but on Win 7, it's a disgrace. :U


Yes, I should say that my criticism of Movie Maker is limited to the Windows 7 version, which I recommend avoiding like the plague!


if you want a good and easy video editing program go with sony vegas :P there are several ways to get it.


Virtual Dub can record too, but it's better to download plugins for other codecs. Or your video will be recorded without compression.


i record using Bandicam then i edit on Cyberlink Power Director..
i know power director is very heavy video editor software for low computer but has many amazing tool and effect
Bandicam have many Features and Codec . usually i am using H.24 Coded with smaller video size options.

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If there is really a big demand, I can publish a patch do record directly in simutrans. It is rather trivial, since the screen is anyway available as DIB bitmap. (Less trivial is the detail as what codec to use).


That would be very interesting to see!

I've been meaning to give OBS a go, but haven't had time to make a Simutrans video in a while.


I thought it might be worth updating this.

I now use OBS to record.
I still use VirtualDub for basic processing.
I then use VideoPad for creating the final video - adding titles and text etc.
I use Inkscape to create splash screen images or any other images required.

Most of this is pretty straightforward.

Anybody found other tools to be useful since we last discussed this?


I tend to use Premiere Elements for editing - but I agree that OBS is the better tool for recording the video.
Download Simutrans-Extended.

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Quote from: Carl on January 23, 2018, 03:24:39 PM
I then use VideoPad for creating the final video - adding titles and text etc.
Never heard of VideoPad! I'll try it. I've been on hunt all these years for a decent MovieMaker replacement but no avail. I found VLMC ( but it's still on development and crashes a lot. D:

Quote from: Carl on January 23, 2018, 03:24:39 PM
I now use OBS to record.
Just a question: What do you use to capture Simutrans on OBS, Game Capture or Window Capture?


I use Window Capture. No idea if this is the best approach. I assume Game Capture would be better for fullscreen?

VideoPad does seem to work well for what I need, but I haven't experimented that much with editing yet. I daresay Premiere Elements is better - but I'm trying to wring as much as I can out of free software first!