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Author Topic: [r5583 linux64 pak64] Disconnected track creates invisibly disconnected stations  (Read 1447 times)

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Building a continuous station over disconnected pieces of track creates a broken station.

Attachments are here:

1. Build a section of track with two adjacent but disconnected track ends in it (see simscr00.png)
2. Build a station over the gap (simscr01.png)
3. Make a train that has orders to go to the far end of the station (simscr02.png)
4. Start the train. It will be unable to route to the station, but the station gives no visual indication why. (simscr03.png)

Building the station should connect the two track ends automatically so that this doesn't happen.

A save is in the ZIP file as well.

Simutrans version: 111.2.2 (20-Mar-2012) r5583 linux64 with a pak64 of the same vintage
(sorry, I didn't have time to figure out how to get the nightly release to run on my linux64 system)

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IMHO the problem is with the station graphic overwriting the end of track graphic. Try the other station types and the gap remains visible.
Automatically connecting would then prevent someone from creating a back to back platform. i.e. Trains approaching the gap from both directions and reversing back out.


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Hmm. Good point. Some of the station types do this, and others don't.

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Stations with their own track graphics do not only prevent the player from seeing the gap, but also from recognizing outdated (=slower) track types.