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i need help with installing addons and maps

Started by Just for help, September 22, 2012, 09:51:12 PM

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Just for help

i have a windows 7  64 pak     simutrans and i can not figure out how to install both addons and maps
i checked that all the addons are 64 pak
i just need too be explained how to organise the folders


Maps go into your My Documents/Simutrans/Maps folder, I think. Someone else who understands addons better will fill you in on those!


 thanks carl     can anyone tell me about the addons 


My Documents/Simutrans/addons/pak

should do the trick for pak64 (assuming that the standard pak-files are in Programs/simutrans/pak). Bold faced directory names must coincide.
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


thank you  and   how do you create the bold face on pak ?


sry, bold face was just for mark-up  8)  if you have addons for pak128 you have to put them into addons\pak128 and so on for other paksets :)
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and maggikraut.


In any case, using the online-intsaller will generate also a correct addon structure, when you select for instance the food addon. Its use is highly recommended.


i think that some of the addons do work but i am not so sure       i may just get  pak 128         does any one suggest that 128 pak is better than 64   and is it easier to manage ?

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I personally wouldn't say either is easier or harder.

With such a small community, where someone can make something and then disappear, and the game evolves - some older things don't work anymore, and there's no clear indication. It's trial-and-error. Unfortunately, we *are* a very small community. I admit I've found it hard sometimes to keep up with changes, though I think someone starting out now has it better than most of us years ago. :)

What I used to do when I had troubles with addons was to keep them all in a separate folder, and only copy over a few at a time - of course, this was especially true back in the days where you'd copy the addons directly into the pak folder, so screwing that up meant a fresh copy of the pak! hehe